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Silver Perth Wildlife Coin Series

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Perth Mint Wildlife Silver Coin Series

Coin series honor every type of event, place, and historical figure, like the US Mint’s 50 State Commemorative Quarter Series or the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Benjamin Britten 2013 50 pence coin, but what about wildlife? The Silver Perth Mint Wildlife Coin Series commemorates Australia’s iconic animals — from the famous to the unknown, the cute to the deadly. Whether you’re a collector of coin series, want to diversify your investment portfolio, or are just interested in Australian wildlife, this full-color coin series is a great addition to your silver collection.

About the Series

The Silver Perth Mint Wildlife Coin Series features silver coins in various sizes that depict many of Australia’s native inhabitants. This includes the well-known koala, kangaroo, and the intimidating Spider-Hunting Scorpion. The high relief and full-color reverse design work to represent the wildlife that makes Australia such a unique and varied environment.

The Wildlife Series, beautiful keepsakes or gifts on their own, are also smart investments to diversify your portfolio. These small coins come in low denominations for easy buying, simple storage, and straightforward resale in the future.

Varied Designs and Colors

The Silver Perth Mint Wildlife Coin Series features dozens of unique animals native to the Australian outback. Some of the most notable and best-selling designs include the Thylacoleo — a high relief depiction of the giant extinct marsupial lion against a full color background of the Australian sunset. The Kookaburra, known for its laughter-like call and unique appearance, shines through in the high relief one-ounce limited issue. The highly recommended Thorny Devil Lizard design depicts the spiny reptile in full color, contrasting against the high relief background. The limited release Green Turtle design, also among the top-selling wildlife coins, features a full color turtle against an ocean backdrop.

These designs don’t just vary in the beasts they depict — they also vary in the use of color and high relief design. Some designs, such as the mentioned Green Turtle, feature a full color animal and background, while others, such as the bird of prey in the 2013 Willandra Lakes Region coin appear in only high relief, while the background takes on a brilliant red and blue rendering of the Australian desert terrain.

Purity and Sizes of Perth Mint Silver

All coins in this series are commissioned products struck by the Perth Mint, have a proven quality of 99.9 percent pure silver, and in some cases even come with a numbered certificate of authenticity. All Wildlife Series coins are approved Australian legal tender and are housed in a protective case to make sure the quality and safety of your investment.

The Silver Perth Mint Wildlife Coin Series come in various sizes and generally range between .1 oz and 1 oz. The .1 oz coins are perfect for gifts or purchases of multiples — they are affordable and make great keepsakes. The 1 oz coins are also great mementos, but with a high resale value, can serve a dual purpose in an investment portfolio.

Wildlife Sub-Series

Other series that make up the Wildlife Coin Series include the iconic Australian Kangaroo and Australian Koala, but also featured are series such as Australia’s Remarkable Reptiles, Australian Sea Life, and Birds of Australia. Deadly & Dangerous features nine depictions of Australia’s fiercest predators — from the Yellow-Bellied Sea Snake to the Great White Shark. Mother’s Love features three coins that depict mother and baby wildlife, and the Mythical Creatures series features five coins that depict Australia’s mythical beasts — from griffins to dragons.

Collectibility and Uniqueness

Each coin in the Silver Perth Mint Wildlife Coin Series is a beautiful collectible, a sound investment and a stunning rendering of the Australian wild. The Green Turtle design is highly collectible in that it is strictly limited in mintage — only 5,000 coins are released using this pattern. Rarity is a draw for any collector, so snap up this design if you can. The Frilled Neck Lizard design is similar in that it also only allows 5,000 copies, but the real showstopper in collectibility is the 2013 Willandra Lakes Region design at an extremely limited release of only 2,500 coins.

The Silver Perth Mint Wildlife Coin Series is a truly stunning addition to any coin collection. Whether a beginner or an avid collector, these full color reverse design coins, capturing the beauty and ferocity of one of the world’s harshest ecosystems, are sure to make your collection stand out.