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Canadian Silver Coins

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Silver Canadian RCM Coins

Silver Royal Canadian Mint coins are known for their creativity, beauty, and value. So who’s the force behind these treasures? Formed in 1908, the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) manufactures all the circulation coins of Canada. Below, we explain more about the RCM and its history, offering a detailed description of a few of its most successful series of coins.

What Does The RCM Do?

In addition to producing the Canadian circulation coins, the RCM manufactures collector coins, medals, tokens, and medallions. The RCM also provides services to businesses and other countries, such as precious metal storage, assay laboratory services, gold and silver refinery services, and foreign coin production. RCM is a Crown Corporation, so the Canadian government is its 100 percent owner and lone shareholder, but that doesn’t mean handouts. Much like the U.S. Post Office, the RCM operates without taxpayer support and thus stays afloat through its own revenue.

History of the RCM

Before the RCM, Canada’s coins were struck in London at the Royal Mint itself. Canada’s up-and-coming status as a nation prompted it to think about getting its own coinage, and it subsequently opened a Royal Mint branch in Ottawa. The Winnipeg facility, opened in 1976, came about to allow the Ottawa facility to focus on collector coins while it handled the manufacture of foreign and circulation coins.


The RCM is known for its wide selection of precious metal bullion and coins. They tend to produce coins commemorating Canada’s national heritage such as animal species, national symbols, historical figures and Canadian landmarks. With .9999 purity, Canadian silver coins are purer than other silver currencies. Each coin typically consists of one troy ounce of .9999 pure silver that’s guaranteed and backed by Canada’s government.

Wildlife Series

The Royal Canadian Mint Wildlife Silver Coins are some of the scarcest and most sought after in the bullion world. The RCM released mintages of just one million of each of the six different Wildlife Series designs, and many of those one million are either out in circulation or set aside for private use. The low mintage increases demand and value in this way. The RCM released the six designs two per year from 2011 to 2013. The Timber Wolf and Grizzly arrived in 2011; the Cougar and Moose arrived in 2012; and the Pronghorn Antelope and Wood Bison arrived in 2013.

2013 1 oz Canadian Silver Wood Bison (BU)

Coins in the RCM Wildlife Series all draw their inspiration from Canada’s natural landscape and native fauna. The coins are available in brilliant, uncirculated condition through sites like

Birds of Prey Series

Inspired by the success of the Wildlife Series, the RCM has just released the first of four .9999 pure silver coins from a new Canadian Birds of Prey Series. The releases are bi-annual for two years, so the RCM will release a total of four coins by the end of 2015.
Artist Emily Damstra created the first edition of the series, the Peregrine Falcon. Canadians have celebrated the majestic falcon since medieval times because of its beauty and agility in the skies. The 1 oz coin features Queen Elizabeth II in profile on one side (artist Susanna Blunt created the image) and an image of a falcon hunting with its wings spread and talons out on the other side. The Falcon coin has a mintage of just 20,000.

2014 1 oz Silver Peregrine Falcon (Proof)

$20 for $20 Series

Sold for face value, this series of commemorative coins began in 2011 with the Maple Leaf coin and a mintage of 200,000. The coin sold out so quickly that it prompted the RCM to up the mintage of the next seven coins to 250,000. Since the series’ first edition year, the RCM has issued four $20 for $20 silver coins per year. Themes of coins issued in the past include that of a polar bear, farewell to the penny, Santa Claus, a goose, and a bobcat. The RCM has reduced the mintages to 225,000 again, so these coins sell out quickly and can be hard to come by.

2014 1/4 oz Goose $20 Canadian Silver Coin

In fact, the $20 for $20 coins are so popular that the RCM limits purchases to three per household in Canada and the U.S. The one-troy-ounce .9999 pure silver coins come encased in hard plastic and include an assay to verify their authenticity. The $20 for $20 series is ongoing and continues to sell out; the RCM hasn’t specified a termination date yet.

Availability and Mint Packaging

The Royal Canadian Mint is one of the most respected in the world for its commitment to making products with 99.99 percent silver purity to ensure top quality and value. Additionally, the artistry of Canadian silver coins is exceptional, and you would do your coin collection or investment portfolio a favor by purchasing one of these precious coins.

Most of the RCM’s bullion coins are available in tubes of 25 coins which have remained sealed since they left the mint’s facility. Their commemorative or proof coins often come in individualized packaging with a COA. Be sure to browse’s wide selection of RCM silver coins today and take advantage of our every day low prices!