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Canadian Wildlife Silver Coins

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Canadian Wildlife Silver Coin Series

In celebration of Canada’s rich and diverse wildlife, the Royal Canadian Mint, a favorite in coin collecting circles for consistently producing high purity and finely crafted coins, created the Canadian Wildlife Series of silver bullion coins. This exclusive series of 38mm silver coins features six different designs depicting various animals from the Canadian wilderness.

The six coins were released over a three-year period starting in 2011, with each coin face displaying one of Canada’s majestic animals and a visage of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. As pertaining to the code of quality established by the Royal Canadian Mint, each coin is composed of .9999 fine silver. The Wildlife Series silver coins were designed with investors in mind, but the limited mintage of only one million copies of each coin has rendered them extremely collectible. The “Arctic Wildlife Series,” which was released after the original run of six coins, follows in this tradition as exceedingly scarce mintage blurs the line between investor and collector interests.

2011 Canadian Wildlife Series Silver Coins

Wolf: The Canadian wolf silver coin features a Canadian timber wolf gazing intently into the distance beneath a large, formidable moon. The wolf is enlarged in proportion to the tall pines that line the soft, powder snow bordering the bottom of the coin. What truly stands out about the first coin released in the Canadian Wildlife Series is the meticulous detail afforded to the wolf’s fur to truly capture the majesty of the real animal.

Grizzly Bear: The grizzly bear silver coin is vastly different from the Canadian wolf coin minted in the same year. The face of the coin displays a grizzly bear roaring fiercely alongside a body of water. Behind the bear, an impressive mountain reaches into the clear Canadian skies. The change of scenery helps convey the diversity of Canada’s natural landscape. Once again, the attention to detail in texturing the bear’s fur is extraordinary, making it a sought after collector favorite.

2012 Canadian Wildlife Series Coins

Cougar: The third release in the Canadian Wildlife Series features a Canadian cougar lunging from a branch with a rocky landscape stretching across the background. One of the most impressive aspects of the cougar silver coin is the apparent difference in detailing the foreground animal and landscape against the starkly clear skies nearly devoid of detail. The aforementioned clear sky focuses the attention on the cougar which, at the time of its release in 2012, was arguably the most detailed member of Canada’s wildlife to be chosen for the Canadian Wildlife Series.

Moose: The Canadian moose silver coin was the second release of 2012 and the fourth overall coin released in the Canadian Wildlife Series. This coin features a single, solitary moose looking into the distance with a small bed of tall grass bordering its underbelly. Although less of Canada’s landscape was incorporated into this coin’s design, the crafting of the moose’s fur and antlers render it nearly photo-realistic. The moose is possibly Canada’s most iconic animal, making this coin a vital addition to any collection.

2013 Canadian Wildlife Series Silver Coins

Pronghorn Antelope: The fifth release in the Canadian Wildlife Series features a Pronghorn Antelope galloping across a meadow in rural Canada. The entire approach to the design of this coin is breathtaking. The layers of texturing used to bring the meadow to life, combined with the soft shadows painted over the grass showcases some of the Canadian Royal Mint’s finest work. Not a single detail is spared on this stunning coin; even the antelope’s eyes are detailed to mirror the real animal as closely as possible.

Wood Bison: The final coin in the Canadian Wildlife Series celebrates the grandeur of the Canadian wilderness with one of its largest and most formidable animals — the wood bison. The coin features the wood bison stepping through ankle-high water with a thick forest standing calmly in the background. The combined elements of this coin accurately depict the size and grace of the wood bison, which steps through the water with only the slightest of waves cascading away from his travels.

The Canadian Wildlife Series of silver bullion coins is an attractive option for any coin collector or silver investor. The artistry displayed on each individual coin delivers a natural aesthetic truly fitting of Canada’s wildlife. An investment in silver can also afford one the chance to gaze upon these unique works of art, a rare bonus that’s sure to delight all.