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1/10 oz Silver GSM Walking Liberty Rounds (New)

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1/10 oz Silver GSM Buffalo Rounds (New)

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1/10 oz Silver GSM Incuse Indian Rounds (New)

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1/4 oz Silver GSM Buffalo Rounds (New)

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1/4 oz Silver GSM Incuse Indian Rounds (New)

$5.44 As low as $5.34

1/2 oz Silver GSM Buffalo Rounds (New)

$9.79 As low as $9.59

1/2 oz Silver GSM Incuse Indian Rounds (New)

$9.79 As low as $9.59

1 oz A-Mark Silver Rounds (New)

1 oz A-Mark Silver Round (New)

$17.80 As low as $17.70

1 oz SilverTowne Saint-Gauden Silver Rounds (New)

1 oz SilverTowne Saint-Gauden Silver Round (New)

$17.90 As low as $17.70

1 oz Sunshine Silver Rounds (New)

1 oz Sunshine Silver Round (New)

$17.95 As low as $17.85

1 oz Liberty Bell Stackable Silver Rounds (New)

$17.95 As low as $17.85

1 oz Silver Spartan Warriors Rounds (New)

$18.40 As low as $17.80

1 oz SilverTowne Apollo 11 Silver Rounds (New)

$18.50 As low as $18.00

1 oz Silver Aztec Warrior Rounds (New)

$18.60 As low as $18.00

1 oz Silver Aztec Calendar Rounds (New)

$18.70 As low as $18.00

2019 1 oz Silver Texas Mint Rounds (New)

$18.80 As low as $18.60

1 oz Silver Intaglio Mint The Unicorn Rounds (New)

$19.70 As low as $19.00

1 oz Silver Intaglio Mint The Kraken Rounds (New)

$19.70 As low as $19.00

1 oz New Zealand Fern Silver Rounds (New)

$20.30 As low as $19.80

1 oz Silver Molon Labe Rounds (Type I, New)

$20.30 As low as $20.00

1 oz Silver Molon Labe Rounds (Type II, New)

$20.30 As low as $20.00

1 oz Molon Labe Silver Round (Type III, New)

$20.30 As low as $20.00

1 oz Silver Molon Labe Rounds (Type IV, New)

$20.30 As low as $20.00

1 oz Silver Qanon Rounds (New)

$20.30 As low as $20.00

1 oz Silver Don’t Tread On Me Shield Rounds (New)

$20.50 As low as $20.00

1 oz Silver GSM Cannabis Rounds (New)

$20.50 As low as $20.00

1 oz Silver Antique Kraken Rounds (New)

$35.01 As low as $34.01

2 oz Silver Aztec Calendar Rounds (New)

$38.20 As low as $37.00

2 oz Silver Virginia Shilling Rounds (New)

$39.70 As low as $39.00

2 oz Silver Abraham Lincoln Eagle Rounds (New)

$39.70 As low as $39.00

2 oz Silver Continental Dollar Rounds (New)

$39.70 As low as $39.00

2 oz Silver Memento Mori Rounds (New)

$39.70 As low as $39.00

2 oz Silver Saint-Gaudens Rounds (New)

$39.70 As low as $39.00

2 oz Silver Indian Rounds (New)

$39.70 As low as $39.00

2 oz Silver PanPac Rounds (New)

$39.70 As low as $39.00

2 oz Silver Buffalo Rounds (New)

$39.70 As low as $39.00

2 oz Silver Molon Labe Round (Type I, New)

$39.70 As low as $39.00

2 oz Silver Molon Labe Round (Type II, New)

$39.70 As low as $39.00

2 oz Silver Molon Labe Round (Type III, New)

$39.70 As low as $39.00

2 oz Silver Morte Prima di Disonore Rounds (New)

$39.70 As low as $39.00

2 oz Silver Molon Labe Rounds (Type IV, New)

$39.70 As low as $39.00

2 oz Silver Gargoyle Rounds (Type I, New)

$39.70 As low as $39.00

2 oz Silver Gargoyle Rounds (Type II, New)

$39.70 As low as $39.00

2 oz Silver Deuce Four Skull Rounds (Type I, New)

$39.70 As low as $39.00

1 oz Antique Silver Blackbeard Rounds (New)

$40.01 As low as $39.01

5 oz Silver Aztec Calendar Rounds (New)

$94.50 As low as $93.50

5 oz Antique Silver Blackbeard Rounds (New w/ CoA)

$127.05 As low as $126.05

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Other Silver Rounds at

There are countless options when it comes to investing in or even collecting silver precious metals today. While bars and bullion coins are popular, silver rounds are gaining their own traction in the market as new investors and collectors look for affordable, diverse options to build their portfolios or diversify their personal collection. is proud to carry a wide variety of silver rounds. While many of our products come from private mints with established, long-running programs, other silver rounds are available as one-off options or limited release products. The following looks at the rising popularity of silver rounds, as well as the variety of odds-and-ends pieces in our catalog.

Reasons for the Growth of Silver Rounds

Viewed as a snapshot of the current economic climate, silver products often increase in popularity with the rising price of silver and the combined economic chaos of investment markets. Although lower silver prices can also have the effect of pushing more investors into the marketplace as new investors look to buy as much as they can at once, higher prices for silver also have a positive impact when associated with economic turmoil, such as the Great Recession or the 2016 Brexit decision.

Other silver rounds gain popularity when prices are rising because continued economic uncertainty and the long-term value of holding silver make all silver products a smart bid. The difference that sets silver rounds apart are the lower premiums over the spot price than some silver bars and almost all silver bullion coins.

Speaking of silver bullion coins, the greatest benefit that silver rounds have compared to popular bullion coins is the producer. Yes, coins from the United States Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, and Perth Mint (among others) are in high demand, and they are among the highest quality coins available today. However, there are two hurdles preventing average investors and new investors from getting into the market.

First, many of the sovereign coins released by these mints are restricted in production on one level or another. For example, Perth Mint coins such as the Australian Silver Kookaburra and Australian Silver Koala have limited mintages (usually maxed at 1 million) that restrict the amount available on an annual basis. In the case of the American Silver Eagle, the United States Mint strikes the coins to meet demand. However, the Mint has been forced to institute an allocation program restricting the volume at times to meet the immense demand for silver coins.

More importantly, the coins struck by these mints have higher premiums over the spot price of silver. The demand for these coins and the limited mintage of each leads to higher prices, making it difficult for collectors to regularly purchase the designs they covet and tougher for new investors to break into the market.

Gods, Goddesses, and the Ancient World Explored

There are other silver rounds currently available on that focus on brilliant designs inspired by the ancient world. From the gods and goddesses of Norse mythology, feared beasts of the deepest seas, and the Ancient Egyptians, there are numerous silver rounds available with breathtaking, one-of-a-kind designs. Included in our current collection of rounds you’ll find some of the following designs from various mints.

North American Mint Kraken Rounds

The Kraken Silver Round series was developed in coordination with Coin Creator Julie Lindquist and Anonymous Mint. Lindquist and Anonymous partnered with North American Mint as the production facility for this exciting round series.

In total, this program includes a 1 oz proof-like silver round and a 1 oz Antique silver round. The proof-like rounds have a mirrored finish with slight hints of frosted finishes on the background. The antique rounds meanwhile have a subtle depth and warm hues added to the coin through chemical treatments that give them the appearance of decades, if not centuries, of use in the hands of humans.

The proof-like rounds had a total mintage of 3,000, while the antique rounds were capped at just 2,000. Each round features One Troy ounce of .999 fine silver, and features the following design details:

  • Obverse: This side of the round features the image of the Kraken as it emerges from the depths of the ocean to engulf a Viking longboat. The helpless sailors try in vain to fight off the creature, and some are even visible plummeting overboard to a certain doom.
  • Reverse: each round has the logo of the Anonymous Mint. It depicts an owl in the traditional American bald eagle pose, with wings spread wide and the arrows of war clutched in its talons.

Osborne Precious Metals Norse God Rounds

Each of the silver rounds in this Norse God Silver Series features one of the five main gods or goddesses of Norse mythology. The rounds count 10 in total, but there are actually five releases in the 1 oz. weight and five releases in the 5 oz weight, meaning each god’s image is featured twice on a Norse Silver Round. All of the rounds have a distinct antique finish that adds subtle depth to the design and enhances the overall appearance with a warm visual appeal. The designs included in this series include the following:

  • Odin: On the obverse side of each 1 oz Antique Norse God Series Odin Silver Round you’ll find the image of Odin as he sits upon his throne flanked by many of his common animal companions from Norse mythology. These creatures include his wolves Geri and Freki. Engravings identify Odin and his status as “The All-Father.”
  • Thor: On the obverse of the 1 oz Antique Norse Gods Series Thor Silver Round is the imposing image of the God of Thunder. Thor presides over the wind, rain, fair weather, thunder, lightning, and agricultural crops, and he is the son of Odin and the giantess Fjorgyn. Critical to the design is his powerful hammer held out, which is known as Mjolnir.
  • Hel: On the obverse of the 1 oz Antique Norse God Series Hel Silver Round is the image of Hel, hauntingly surrounded by the dead of the underworld. She is depicted on the round sitting upon her thrown with a sullen, hollow look on her face.
  • Freya: On the obverse is the image of Freya created by renowned artist Howard David Johnson. His depiction of the Goddess of Love shows Freya riding in her chariot pulled by two cats. Freya, though holding the position as Goddess of Love, oversees love, beauty, sexuality, fertility, gold, war and death. Half of those who die in war are received by Freya, with the other half going to Odin.
  • Loki: On the obverse of these rounds you’ll find the image of Loki, the shape-shifting Norse god. Depending upon the sources you read, Loki would occasionally assist the other Norse gods, or he would use his shape shifting ability to maliciously disrupt the endeavors of the other gods. He is the father of Hel, Goddess of Death, as well as many other Norse characters.

The reverse of each of the Antique Norse God Silver Rounds you’ll find the same image, that of a Valkyrie. The Valkyrie were warrior maidens hand-chosen by Odin, Father of the Gods, and were tasked with riding their steeds in the skies above the battlefields of mankind. The Valkyrie would choose who lived and died. All of 1 oz. silver rounds in this series had a maximum mintage of just 2,000 rounds and ships in a display box that includes a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

Norse God Silver Rounds are actually a collaborative project between Osborne Precious Metals, as the production partner, and Anonymous Mint as the creative partner. Julie Lindquist developed the program, with the Norse artwork of Howard David Johnson brought to life on the blanks created by Italian Master Sculptor Luigi Badia.

Monarch Precious Metals Egyptian Rounds

Traveling across time and distance, the ½ oz Monarch Egyptian Silver Rounds are a rare ½ oz round with a special characteristic not often found (purposely) on precious metals. The designs in this series were purposely hand-stamped on each round off center. This gives the coins a sense of old world charm and appearance, given the lack of precise coining presses prior to the modern era. To further enhance the appeal of these ½ oz rounds, Monarch applied an antiquing patina and anti-polish to give the coin’s a faded, centuries-old look. Design features of these rounds include:

  • The reverse side of the rounds features a scarab beetle in the center of the design, with an Eye of Horus found above it. Modern touches include the use of the Monarch Precious Metals logo, a crown formed by the letters “MPM,” and the engravings identifying the round’s weight, purity, and metal content.
  • On the obverse of each ½ oz Monarch Egyptian Silver Round is the image of an Egyptian mummy, captured in left-profile relief and surrounded by engravings and artwork commonly found in Egyptian tombs and artistry.

Anonymous Mint Medusa Rounds

For the Medusa Silver Rounds, Anonymous Mint developed four different versions of the round. The 1 oz. version of the Medusa Silver Round was available in a Proof-Like finish with a maximum mintage of 2,000 rounds, along with a separate 1 oz Antique finish round. Both feature edge lettering, individual serial numbers, and Certificates of Authenticity.

The 5 oz. series also features a Proof-Like round and an Antique finish round. As with the 1 oz versions, these rounds included edge lettering, individual serial numbers, and a Certificate of Authenticity. The design on all four rounds in the series is the same for both the obverse and reverse:

  • On the reverse side of the round you’ll find the Anonymous Mint logo. The mint’s logo is a clever play on the heraldic eagle of the United States, which includes an owl with its wings spread wide and its talons clutching arrows and wearing a crown above its head with the “AM” initials of Anonymous Mint.
  • The obverse of the Medusa Silver Round you’ll find the image of Medusa. Look, if you dare, at the beauty of her front-facing portrait that includes her full head of snakes in place of hair and a unique Greek-inspired border design.

Silver Rounds with Real-World Inspiration

In some cases, there are silver round series available that aren’t inspired by anything other than the individuals known to exist in history or the activities enjoyed by human civilizations across the globe. Monarch Precious Metals, Anonymous Mint, and Stardust Silver bring us three particular examples.

Monarch Precious Metals Domed Sports Rounds

In its all-new 2016 3D domed sports series, Monarch has released a total of two 3D domed silver rounds celebrating basketball and soccer. The basic elements of each round are the same, featuring a concave reverse side to the rounds and a 3D, ball-shaped side on the obverse that brings each sport’s ball to life. Specific design elements of the rounds are included below:

  • Domed Basketball Round: The first-ever domed, 3D round from Monarch, the reverse of the 2016 1 oz. Monarch Domed Basketball Round you’ll find a concave surface, with the image of a basketball landing on the rim of a hoop. Engravings include the year of issue, purity, metal content, and weight of this all-new silver round. On the obverse side of the round is the convex image of a basketball. The 3D, domed appearance gives the viewer the impression of a basketball bouncing up at them, complete with matte finishes on the ball panels and mirrored finishes on the seamlines.
  • Domed Soccer Ball Round: On the obverse of the Domed Soccer Ball Silver Round is the image of a traditional soccer ball, with its patchwork appearance. This side of the Round has a 3D finish that gives the round a more soccer-ball-like visualization when held flat in your hand or set on a table or other flat surface. The reverse of the 2016 1 oz. Monarch Domed Soccer Ball Silver Round features the Monarch Precious Metals logo, along with engravings of the round’s purity, metal content, and weight in Troy ounces. You’ll also see the image of a soccer ball as it bulges the back of the net on this concave side of the round.

Anonymous Mint Blackbeard Rounds

Remembered through the ages as Blackbeard, the world’s most famous pirate was born in Bristol, England in 1680 as Edward Teach. He arrived in Jamaica as a member of the Royal Navy aboard the HMS Windsor and was known as Edward Thatch Jr. The Blackbeard Silver Rounds from Anonymous Mint and Coin Creator Julie Lindquist are available in 1 oz. and 5 oz. options, with an antique finish.

From 1706 to 1716, it is believed Teach served as a sailor or privateer for the British during Queen Anne’s War. He eventually joined the crew of Benjamin Hornigold on the Bahamian island of New Providence. After serving with Hornigold for a year, Blackbeard set out on his own aboard a captured French merchant vessel he renamed Queen Anne’s Revenge. Details of the design include:

  • On the obverse of the Blackbeard Silver Round is the memorable image of Blackbeard with canon fuses weaved into his long, thick black beard. He would light the fuses in the course of battle to frighten his enemies, and was believed to have captured 40 ships between 1717 and 1718.
  • The reverse of each Blackbeard Silver Round depicts the flag from the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Blackbeard’s flag featured the image of a skeleton toasting a drink to the devil. Also included was a spear piercing a heart. It has been said that the mere sight of Blackbeard’s flag above the Queen Anne’s Revenge was enough to convince some ships to surrender.

Stardust Terminator Rounds

The Terminator series of feature films made actor Arnold Schwarzenegger a household name around the globe. His role as the T-800 Terminator sent to 1984 from 2029 to kill Sarah Connor sparked one of the greatest film franchises of the 1980s, which included famous reboots in the early 2000s.

The series includes a 1 oz Terminator Silver Round and a 2 oz Terminator Silver Round, both designed by artist Michael Berman and sculptor Heidi Wastweet. Each of the rounds in this series had a maximum mintage set at just 5,000 rounds for global distribution and included individual serial numbers, as well as Certificates of Authenticities.

On the reverse face of the coin you’ll find the full-length figure of the skeletal system of the T-800 Terminator killing machine. In the middle is a bar that features the engraving of “The Terminator,” while the coin’s weight is engraved to the left, and its purity and metal content to the right. Above the “Terminator” engraving, there is an inscription of the tagline used in the movie to describe the setting of the movies.

The obverse features a frightening image of the face of the T-800 Terminator, with the engraving of “Cyberdyne Systems T-800. In the background of the image is a futuristic battlefield representative of the year 2029 from which the terminator was sent back in time.

Historic Coin Designs Revived on Silver Rounds

One of the most popular silver round programs available today are those which renew a sense of American patriotism by bringing the nation’s greatest coin designs from the 20th century back to life on silver rounds with no face value. These products make it easy for all collectors to get their hands on historic designs without worrying about availability or sky-high premiums for rare coins.

SilverTowne Historic and Branded Rounds

SilverTowne is known for producing popular silver rounds featuring the most popular historic US coin designs, as well as its own SilverTowne branded Prospector Stackable Round. Learn about more of SilverTowne’s rounds below:

  • Indian Silver Round: Based upon the infamous Incuse Indian Head coin, this Saint-Gaudens design proved to be controversial, as he used the image of Lady Liberty in an Indian headdress with the inscription of the word LIBERTY, whereas previous Indian Head designs used the image of Native Americans. Lady Liberty is encircled by thirteen stars on this silver round’s obverse. The reverse side of this round features a three-quarter profiled view of the American eagle standing on a branch. The eagle is encircled by the words ONE OUNCE .999 FINE SILVER above and the SilverTowne insignia below.
  • Saint-Gaudens Silver Round: Inspired by the greatest image ever created by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, and originally available on the $20 Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle, on the obverse Lady Liberty is seen boldly striding forward with rays of the sun at her back and her left foot caressing the edge of a cliff. Her raised right hand bears a lighted torch, and her left hand is clasp around a branch from the olive tree. She is encircled by a ring of stars. One is awed by the determined expression on her face in addition to the exquisite fine rendering of the scene. The reverse side of the coin bears the image of an eagle in proud stance with finely rendered arched wings.
  • Buffalo Silver Round: Depicting the famous design from James Earle Fraser’s 1913 Buffalo Nickel, this silver round’s obverse features a depiction of Black Diamond. The massive beast is depicted grazing on a small patch of grass. Engravings differ slightly from the Buffalo Nickel, and include “United States of America,” “E Pluribus Unum,” and “1 oz. 999 Fine Silver.” On the reverse face of each silver round is the image of a Native American chieftain. True to Fraser’s original design, the only engravings aside from the facial profile are “Liberty” and the year of issue, “2016.”
  • Prospector Stackable Silver Round: The marquee design from SilverTowne is its own, branded stackable round. The round’s new design features a set of raised ridges along its outer edge, which enables it to interlock with other such rounds while in the stacked position. This additional level of stability not only allows the rounds to remain organized during storage, but it also protects them from any of the typical damages than can occur when less stable stacks topple over, consequently preserving the initial value of these investment pieces. Both sides of the round depict the SilverTowne Prospector, equipped with his pick axe as he sets out for a long day of mining. Following behind the title character is his faithful donkey companion to help carry the additional supplies for their excavation. Viewers are certain to appreciate the contrast between the mirror-like finish of this iconic duo and the frosted finish of their backdrop. Also incorporated into the round’s artwork is the SilverTowne logo with its trademark pick axe in place of the letter “T.” The logo has been printed in an arched formation above the title characters, while the round’s weight and purity appear below them.

Osborne Precious Metals Hobo Silver Nickels

Hobo folk art of the late 19th and early 20th century is alive and well courtesy of renowned Spanish master artisan Paolo Curcio. Hobos were famous for carving their own designs on US circulation currency in an effort to leave their mark on the world. Often targeted was the Buffalo Nickel from James Earle Fraser.

The planned 5-round series features a variety of interpretations on the Buffalo Nickel with each new release. For every round released in the series, Osborne Precious Metals struck a 1 oz Proof Hobo Nickel, 1 oz Antique Hobo Nickel, and a 5 oz Antique Hobo Nickel. Edge lettering is included to identify the individual serial number of each round, with mintage figures as follows for each version:

  • 1 oz Proof: 10,000 maximum mintage.
  • 1 oz Antique: 1,000 maximum mintage.
  • 5 oz Antique: 1,000 maximum mintage.

For the first release in the 2016 Hobo Nickel Silver Round Series, Osborne Precious Metals struck Mr. The’s rendition of the Buffalo Nickel from James Earle Fraser. Below is information on all three rounds available currently:

  • Fisherman Hobo Nickel: On the obverse face of the round you’ll find the image of a Hobo fisherman, captured in a similar right-profile relief as Fraser’s original Native American. The word “Liberty” is engraved in the same position as the original nickel, and a random year of issue of “1937” is engraved in the same position as Fraser’s nickel. The reverse features an equally unique take on Fraser’s design, with the back humps of a buffalo forming a distant mountain range on the opposite shore of a lake. In the foreground, a hobo fisherman is visible fishing from a rickety dock. Engravings include “United States of America,” “E Pluribus Unum,” and “Five Cents,” even though these rounds have no face value.
  • Train Hobo Nickel: The reverse face of these popular new silver rounds features the image of a lone hobo walking along with his knapsack in tow. In an intriguing twist on the Buffalo Nickel design, when the Hobo and his walking stick are viewed horizontally rather than vertically, you’ll see an image vaguely reminiscent of the Buffalo’s hump from the original Buffalo Nickel. Engravings include “United States of America,” “E Pluribus Unum,” and the original coin’s face value of “Five Cents.” On the obverse of these 1 oz Proof Train Hobo Nickel Silver Rounds you’ll find the image of a powerful steam locomotive as it rumbles down the tracks, its smoke stack bellowing out steam and smoke. The image is encircled by wooden railway ties, the word “Liberty,” and a year of issue as “1913.”
  • Skulls and Scrolls Hobo Nickel: The obverse face of the coin is the right-profile of a skeletal figure, which imitates the Indian Head design from James Earle Fraser’s popular Buffalo Nickel. It includes engravings of the word “Liberty” and a year of issue as 1936, one of the last years the Buffalo Nickel was in circulation. On the reverse side of the 1 oz Proof Skull and Scrolls Hobo Nickel Silver Round is the image of Mr. The’s walking hobo from the second design in the series. In this case however, the hobo has skeletal features only on his visible facial area and his hand gripping the walking stick. Engravings include “United States of America,” “E Pluribus Unum,” and “Five Cents.”

Random Other Silver Rounds

From time to time, mints will produce silver rounds that don’t fit into a current series and don’t constitute a long-running, annual series of rounds either. There are a few examples of this currently available on from two different minting operations.

North American Mint T.I.M.E. Silver Rounds

The TIME Series Silver Rounds was produced in collaboration with Chautauqua Silver Works. The private facility was founded in Western New York by Ron Kinney. Chautauqua Silver Works is responsible for the design of each round, with North American Mint providing the production capacity for the series. Designs available include the first two from the series, with the following details:

  • Shifting Gears Proof: The first in the series, on the obverse face is the image of a number of interlocking gears. As each individual wheel spins in a series of gears, it impacts and turns another gear. This plays out on the obverse, along with the patent date of “1 Dec 1945” for shifting gears, which is engraved above the gears. Along the top and bottom of the outer rim is the engraving “Shifting Gears on the Perception of Time.”
  • A Grain of Sand Proof: the obverse side of the 1 oz Silver TIME Series A Grain of Sand Round you’ll find the hourglass design. The most shocking part of the imagery is the open grave the sand empties out of the hourglass into. If you look closely you’ll see the name “Avery Bawdy,” or everybody, on the headstone of the grave site.

Both releases to date feature the same exact reverse design. Included on the reverse of the round includes the Chautauqua Silver Works name along the top, with the unique engraving of “One More Ounce – One Less Fetter” on the bottom. In the middle of the round’s bullseye design on this face is the weight, purity, and metal content of the round, along with the word “Bullseye” and the periodic number and symbol for Silver (AG 47).

Osborne Precious Metals Frank Frazetta Legacy Silver Rounds

A well-known science fiction and fantasy artist, Frank Frazetta’s estate released some of his most popular designs for use in the Legacy Collection from Osborne Precious Metals. His two most famous designs appear across a lineup that includes six rounds in total.

The Silver Warrior was Frank’s first, and most popular, major design. It was used as the cover art for the paperback release of the “Conan the Barbarian” adventure tale. His design not only catapulted his career to new heights, it also changed the face of the sword and sorcery genre. The Silver Warrior was available in a 1 oz Antique Silver Proof, 1 oz Silver Proof, and 5 oz Silver Proof Round. Mintage for each was set at:

  • 1,000 rounds for the 1 oz Antique.
  • 2,000 rounds for the 5 oz Proof.
  • 10,000 rounds for the 1 oz Proof.

The second release in the series celebrated another of Frazetta’s iconic designs. This particular design has experienced widespread use over the years. The Death Dealer design was created in 1973. It originally appeared on the album cover of Molly Hatchet’s first record release, and has since appeared on various posters, art works, and even the logo of the US Army’s III Corps.

The round featured the same availability, with a 1 oz Antique Silver, 1 oz Silver Proof, and 5 oz Silver Proof round. Mintages across the three options were the same:

  • 1,000 rounds for the 1 oz Antique.
  • 2,000 rounds for the 5 oz Proof.
  • 10,000 rounds for the 1 oz Proof.

Purchasing Other Silver Rounds on

When you decide to purchase some of these other silver rounds on, you may pay for your products a number of ways. accepts Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards, paper checks, bank wire transfers, and Pay Pal transfers. For the fastest processing and fulfillment of your order, we recommend the use of bank wire and Pay Pal transfers. Paper checks offer the benefit of higher maximum purchase amounts, but do take up to six business days to process. Credit/debit transactions often process within one business day.

Those paying by paper check or bank wire transfer save 4% on the purchase price compared to the transaction fees of other payment methods. All shipments are packaged in discreet boxes and delivered either by the US Postal Service or UPS. uses a tiered scale for shipping costs based upon the total purchase price of your goods. If you spend more than $3,000, your products ship for free with free insurance.

In the event that your products are lost, stolen, or damaged during shipping, will file an insurance claim on your behalf to try and refund your money. If possible, we’ll also work with the carrier to try and locate lost packages.

If you have any questions, we encourage you to reach out to a associate for help. You can connect with us on the phone at 888-989-7223, online using our website’s live hosted chat feature, or via email.