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Silver Statues at

There is an exciting new product available today through, and it brings a new twist on precious metals for collectors. If silver coins, rounds, and bars are starting to look the same to you, it might be time to consider investing in the new series of silver statues from Heads or Tales Coin Company.

In an exciting new lineup, Heads or Tales Coin Company announces the planned release of six pure silver statues as part of the Coins of the World Silver Statue Series. Each statue will feature a brilliant 3D design honoring a different coin or round series currently available. While all six designs have not been announced to date, there are two statues ready for release that celebrate two of the world’s most popular products.

All of the products in this lineup will eventually feature an antique finish, providing the appearance of age without the wear and tear of decades of handling. The antique finish is achieved on modern precious metal products through the application of a chemical treatment that adds warmth and subtlety to the details of the design.

Silver Coins of the World Statues

As the first release in the Heads or Tales Coin Company’s planned statue series, this brilliant 20 oz Antique Finish Silver American Eagle Statue features the nation’s most enduring symbol in brilliant 3D form. The American bald eagle remains a symbol of power and freedom to this day, and has been adopted by countless private companies, government agencies, and military units as the official logo.

In 1792, the fledgling federal government of the United States of America selected the bald eagle as its official emblem. Some, most notably Benjamin Franklin, had pushed for the nation to adopt the turkey as its official emblem. The bald eagle was eventually chosen because it represented longevity, majesty, and power. All characteristics the Founding Fathers saw in the young American republic.

Features of the 20 oz Antique Finish Silver American Eagle Statue include the following:

  • First of six statutes from Heads or Tales Coin Company!
  • Total production of just 1,000 statues!
  • Arrives in a protective display box, complete with a Certificate of Authenticity.
  • Consists of 20 Troy ounces of .925 fine silver.
  • Features the statuesque design of the American bald eagle.
  • Designed by Joanna Zawada.

Following the release of the Silver American Eagle statue, Hotco introduced several other statue designs representing other major silver bullion coins. The additional designs available in the series all feature the same antique polish, limited casting of 1,000 statues and include the following:

  • 20 oz Silver Kookaburra – the Silver Australian Kookaburra is the most visible, prominent coin in the annual release cycle from the Perth Mint. The Silver Kookaburra debuted in 1990 and has featured a new design on the reverse side each year. The 20 oz Silver Kookaburra statue offers a vision of the iconic bird that is synonymous with the sounds of the Australian Outback as it sits perched on a wooden fence post that is wrapped in barbed wire.
  • 12 oz Silver Libertad – the Silver Mexican Libertad is the official silver bullion coin of Mexico and is the lowest minted coin among the three major North American coin series from sovereign mints. The Silver Libertad is, however, the most diverse in its offerings of fractional weights, 1 oz coins, and weights above 1 oz. The Silver Libertad statue features Winged Victory as she is seen atop the Mexican Independence Victory Column with a wreath crown in hand and broken chains in the other.

Silver Lost World Collection Statues

Billed as the collection that was “65 million years in the making,” the Lost World Collection of silver statues from Hotco focuses on the many dinosaur species popularized in textbooks, history classes, and popular culture. Like other collections from Hotco, each of the designs in this series features an antique polish, includes a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, ships inside of a protective box, and has a limited casting of just 1,000 statues in all. Additionally, like other silver statues from Hotco, you’ll find the individual serial number of each Lost World Collection statue laser-etched onto the base of the product. Designs in this series include:

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex – the T-rex has earned a reputation in the modern era for being one of the most efficient killing machines of the prehistoric world. The T-rex was the villain of the original Jurassic Park feature film and its massive frame with deadly jaws is depicted in the first issue in this series.
  • Triceratops – the Triceratops is one of the more lovable dinosaurs, but don’t let its seemingly calm demeanor fool you. Armed with three massive horns on its head and nose with a shield to protect around the neck, the triceratops is as capable on offense as it is on defense.
  • Stegosaurus – the Stegosaurus is one of two armored dinosaurs you’ll find in the Lost World Collection. The body of the Stegosaurus was covered with thick skin and plates that enabled it to protect itself from most predators simply by being too difficult to chomp through.
  • Woolly Mammoth – the most recent of the deceased giants of the prehistoric world, the Woolly Mammoth was a hairy predecessor to the modern elephant. The last Woolly Mammoths died in isolation on St. Paul Island in Alaska 5,600 years ago and 4,000 years ago on Wrangle Island in the Arctic Ocean.
  • Ankylosaurus – the battle tank of the prehistoric world, the Ankylosaurus was heavily armored along its back with interlocking shields and a heavily weighted tail that could inflict serious damage as it means of attack.
  • Brachiosaurus – the Brachiosaurus was one of the tallest creatures in the prehistoric world. The Brachiosaurus grew to an impressive average height of 30 feet, a length of 69 feet from the top of its head to the tip of its tail, and tipped the scales at 128,000 pounds. All of this from an herbivore!

Silver Soldiers Collection Statues

The Silver Soldiers Collection is the latest series from Hotco. Stand at attention as the men of the 1st Battalion and 2nd Battalion storm the battlefield, or your desk. Whether you store them on a shelf, display them on your desk, or hide them away from prying eyes, the Silver Soldiers are a beautiful addition.

Each of the silver statues in the Silver Soldiers Collection are inspired by the Green army men that generations of American youth have played with for nearly a century. The first toy army men were introduced in the 1930s and made from tin. Following World War II, Green army men became more popular and were produced in plastic. These statues have limited castings of 1,000 per design, laser-etched serial numbers on the base, and come with protective boxes for shipping and a Certificate of Authenticity. The designs include the following

  • 1st Battalion – the 4 oz Captain Troy leads the men of the 1st Battalion as he supervises movements and troop coordination on the field of battle. Arty Red Leg delivers ammunition to the artillery battery and a gunner prepares the round inside of the 38 oz Silver Howitzer. Protecting friendly forces on the battlefield against enemy armor and entrenched positions, Stovepipe Sterling risks his own life to fire off the bazooka at enemy armor.
  • 2nd Battalion – the men of the 2nd Battalion are down in the trenches and fighting face-to-face with the enemy. Glover S. Johns leads the men as the rifleman in the group using his M1 Garand to suppress the enemy. Medic Martinez is on-hand to render aid to his fallen comrades so they can get to the care of Army doctors in a field hospital. Coordinating movements with Captain Troy behind the lines, Eyes on Earl transmits intel to and fro between the members of the 1st and 2nd

Silver Ariana Silverbug Statue

The Silverbug series of silver rounds from the online Reddit community of Silverbugs are arguably the most popular silver rounds available for collectors and investors right now. Ariana debuted in May 2014 as a celebration of the online Reddit community of Silverbugs welcoming their 5,000th member. With the popularity of silver in general and the success of the Ariana Silverbug Silver Round specifically, the Silverbug community has now doubled to include more than 10,000 members.

Today the lineup of available Silverbug silver rounds has increased to include 3 fairy designs, one robobug design, and an all-new Finding Silverbug Island series that is planned to reach 8 rounds in total. However, the centerpiece of the Silverbug Series of silver rounds remains the beautiful Ariana, known as the silver fairy. The original Ariana Silverbug Silver Rounds had a limited mintage of just 10,000, with additional, small runs available in a 5 oz variety and in a 1 oz antique variety.

In celebration of Ariana and the Silverbug community, Heads or Tales Coin Company released the 5 oz Silver Ariana Silverbug Statue as the second design in its new Coins of the World Series. Features of this statue include the following:

  • Second of six planned statue designs from Heads or Tales Coin Company.
  • Limited production of 1,000 statues.
  • Arrives in a commemorative display box.
  • Contains 5 Troy oz of .925 pure silver.
  • Antique finish.
  • Brings Ariana the silver fairy to life in a 3D statue.
  • Designed by Caleb Nefzen.

About Heads or Tales Coin Company

Heads or Tales Coin Company believes in bringing the oldest and most beautiful coin or round designs from around the world to life in a new way. The 2nd generation mint masters believe in entrusting these designs to true artisans; sculptors who can bring the designs to life with brilliant, 3D statues.

Purchasing Silver Statues on

For those purchasing one of the available Silver Statues from the Coins of the World Statue Series on, you’ll have a number of options to pay for your bullion products. proudly accepts Visa and MasterCard credit/debit cards, as well as bank wire transfers, PayPal transfers, and paper checks. Bank wire and PayPal transfers process the quickest, with most processing immediately. Credit cards take an average of one business day to process, while paper checks can take as many as six business days to clear.

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