1. As a new customer I have been pleased with every order. I receive my product in the mail within a couple of days? The 1 oz silver bars are one of my favorites. I look forward to a long lasting relationship with Silver.com.

    4 out of 5
    Christopher from OH
  2. I’ve been purchasing these silver bars for a while now. Excellent quality and best long term investment for my retirement plan.
    I will keep on purchasing from Silver.com

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  3. I have purchased from Silver.com 6 – 10 times, exceptional experience. Have no worries with them.
    Love the security feature on the Sunshine Mint products.
    Great prices.

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    Charles from MO
  4. sold all my silver back in 2011 started buying again at silver.com like these sunshine 1oz bars and the silver eagles silver.com always has fast shipping and i know what to expect

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    Michael from MI
  5. I am a first time buyer of precious medals and I was a bit nervous at first, but I must say I am very satisfied with these bars. I plan on buying a few every payday!

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  6. Decided to diversify my portfolio a bit and add some precious metal to my assets. I came across Silver.com and found them to be the cheapest place to find silver. I bought 2 of the one ounce bars, let me just say that they are beautiful.

    Shipping was extremely fast and was well secured. The overall transaction was fantastic. I am going to buy more and bigger bars to add to my 2 that I now own and will be purchasing them here.

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    Brian from NV
  7. Received my order today, was my first purchase with Silver.com. Thank you for the exceptional service!! Well layed out website,lightning fast shipping,and the coins and bars are beautiful!! Hats-off to the staff at Silver.com! Im very happy and will purchase more in the future.

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    Marlene from CA
  8. love it

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  9. My very first precious metal purchase was this 1 oz silver bar from Sunshine Mint. I’ve bought silver bars from other mints before and Sunshine Mint products have always been my favorite. I have purchase this particular 1 oz silver bar several times and in various quantities. I always come back to buy more.

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    Jerry from NV
  10. WOW – these babies shine like a mirror! Very impressed. I bit the bullet and bought the Sunshine decoder lens. It is really cool the way it works – it turns the circle on the back into a sort-of hologram. when you twist the coin under the lens it makes cool designs until in the right place the “VALID” pops out. I think I am going to stick with these because if I ever need to barter, there will be no doubt that these are not counterfeit. Also, the price for these on Silver.com is awesome.

    5 out of 5
    Thomas from MI
  11. These are absolutely stunning. I love the fact that they are still in the sealed protective sleeves. I am ordering more. Thanks

    5 out of 5
    Marvin from TX
  12. Great investment. I love these and each one comes still in the sealed bubbles from the mint. You know it has not been changed. The security feature on the back is nice too.

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    Matthew from OR
  13. A beautiful 1oz silver bar, fairly priced and I highly recommend SILVER bars to any beginning investor. Save silver for yourself or for family, always a great investment and easy to save.

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    Matthew from IN
  14. very nice detail and brilliance , for the price is great and it came in a protective sleeve ! was better than i expected and and making more purchases in the future =]

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    Alfred from TX