10 oz Sunshine Mint Silver Bar

When you begin talking about 10 ounce silver bars, it is obvious that you are not speaking about a tiny investment. With that being said, however, 10 ounce bars are still, in the grand scheme of things, on the lower end of the silver bar weight totem pole. These bars can be found in abundance on the open market and are produced by any number of different companies. The 10 Oz Sunshine silver bar is an investor favorite and has been for quite some time.

Though the design and purity of this bar are nothing out of the ordinary, 10 ounce Sunshine silver bars are highly sought after nonetheless.

Design and Features

The design of the 10 ounce Sunshine silver bar is fairly standard, boasting the weight, purity, mint, and mintmark on the front. The .999 purity and 10 ounce weight are clearly distinguishable on the bottom half of the front side of the bar while the top half of it prominently displays the beautiful Sunshine mintmark.

The back side of the bar boasts a diagonal pattern of rising sun images. This feature is found on nearly every Sunshine silver bar, most with a V2 anti-fraud device located directly in the center of the back side of the bar. When viewed through a Sunshine “Decoder”, the anti-fraud device will show “Valid” to ensure the bar is legitimate and pure.

Packaging and Purity

Upon purchase of the 10 ounce Sunshine silver bar, it will be quickly and discreetly dispatched directly to your doorstep. In order to protect the bar(s) from damage during transit, your bar will be housed in protective plastic. This way you will have the peace of mind knowing your bar will arrive to you in the best possible condition.

When we reference purity in regards to a silver bar, we are simply talking about how much of the bar is actually made of silver. Because the 10 ounce silver bar produced by Sunshine has a purity of .999, this means that it is made of 99.9% pure silver. This purity is the same as most other silver bars on the market.

Mint History

Sunshine Mint is relatively new, having only been in business since the 1980s. They are yet another mint based out of North America, in Idaho. It is appropriate that Sunshine calls this part of the United States home, as it is one of the most silver-rich parts of the country.

While Sunshine does produce plenty of precious metals, their main line of business is the production of silver blanks to be used for minting the popular line of American Silver Eagle coins.