Gold: $1,265.49 -3.41
Silver: $17.51 -0.04

Valcambi Suisse

1 Gram Valcambi Gold Bars (New in Assay)


$50.80 As low as $49.80

2.5 Gram Valcambi Gold Bars (New in Assay)


$115.90 As low as $113.90

5 Gram Valcambi Gold Bars (New in Assay)


$220.80 As low as $218.80

10 Gram Valcambi Gold Bars (New in Assay)


$428.95 As low as $426.95

20 Gram Valcambi Gold Bars (New in Assay)


$836.99 As low as $835.99

1 oz Valcambi Platinum Bars (New in Assay)

1 oz Valcambi Platinum Bar (New w/ Assay)

$983.79 As low as $981.79

1 oz Valcambi Gold Bars (New in Assay)

1 oz Valcambi Gold Bars

$1,297.48 As low as $1,293.48

10 oz Valcambi Gold Bars (New in Assay)


$12,924.90 As low as $12,899.90

1 Kilo Valcambi Cast Gold Bars (New w/ Assay)


$41,258.35 As low as $41,158.35

1 Kilo Valcambi Gold Bars (New w/ Assay)


$41,278.35 As low as $41,178.35

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Located in Balerna in southeastern Switzerland, Valcambi defines itself as a boutique refinery that also offers transportation, assaying, storage, manufacturing, and reception services. Founded in 1961, Valcambi employs 210 workers and refines about 2,000 tons of precious metals annually at its eight-acre facility. In 2013, the company refined approximately 5.4 tons of metal per day and produced 3.8 tons of gold bars and coins and 1.8 tons of silver bars per day. Valcambi is a wholly owned subsidiary of European Gold Refineries (EGR), which is owned by Newmont Mining and private investors.

In addition to supplying several central banks with gold bars, Valcambi mints coins which are used as currency in some foreign countries. Valcambi is renowned for its prized collectible gold ingots, as well as the top-quality, gold-grain watch cases that it sells to jewelers.

What Sets Valcambi Apart

Valcambi prides itself on combining the most sophisticated technology with best-practices manufacturing to deliver products and services of unparalleled quality. The refinery’s most famous and unique product is the CombiBar, available in gold and silver. While they come as single bars, CombiBars are made up of varying amounts of 1g or 10g bars to facilitate bartering and gifting. For instance, the 50X1g gold CombiBar comes with 50 detachable 1g gold bars, while the 10X10g silver CombiBar comes with 10, 10g detachable bullion bars. The smaller bars separate easily without losing any metal in the process.

In April 2011, Valcambi received an exclusive license to produce the groundbreaking CombiBar. The product remains a huge seller for Valcambi, as it gives investors more flexibility in managing their physical silver and gold portfolios.

History of Valcambi

A group of private Swiss investors with an interest in the precious metals business founded Valcambi in 1961. The company began as a refinery known as Valori & Cambi. After a rocky first few years, the company finally hit its stride and was purchased in 1968 by Credit Suisse, then becoming London and COMEX Good Delivery. In 2001, Credit Suisse withdrew from its bullion enterprises, selling Valcambi to European Gold Refineries, its current holding company.

From 2004 to 2009, Valcambi saw massive changes to its business model and its prospects. At this point, Newmont Mining became a strategic partner, and the company enjoyed strong support from banks. Since 2010, Valcambi has celebrated its 50th anniversary and continued to establish itself as an international leader in metal refining. Recently, the company has focused on returning to its primary strengths and innovating new products. Valcambi still does business with Credit Suisse today, supplying the bank with its inventory of minted and cast bars.

Valcambi’s Products and Services

Valcambi provides a stylish and unique variety of high-quality products made from gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Available products include cast bars, minted bars, CombiBars, gold and silver grain, round bars, Green Gold (traceable gold), coins and medals, and semi-finished products (watch cases, back plates, bezels, and monocoques). The company’s focus and best-selling items, however, are gold and silver bars. Valcambi bars come in a variety of weights and have a fineness of 99.9 to 99.99 percent.

On its semi-finished products, coins, and medals, Valcambi offers attractive customization options. For tailored coins and medals, clients submit their ideas for medals or supply a legal tender confirmation and a letter of authorization to mint new coins. Valcambi then prepares a number of proposed designs for the client’s approval. The company accepts both small- and large-volume orders, offering superb finishing standards and brief delivery times regardless of order size.

Thanks to Valcambi’s versatility, its services extend far beyond refining. Its transportation division provides secure, first-class solutions for miners, bankers, refiners, watchmakers, and scrap dealers. Its assaying division handles sampling and testing activities in a government-certified and controlled lab. The financing division helps companies expand at a minimal cost by funding various areas of the precious metal business. Lastly, its storage division secures clients’ precious metals in armored vaults in its refining facility, equipped with state-of-the-art alarms, extensive surveillance, and round-the-clock security professionals.

Every Valcambi product bears a serial number to guarantee authenticity. The packaging that Valcambi uses varies by product, but it typically consists of a blister pack and a serial-numbered certificate. Investors can buy most Valcambi products individually. Most of the company’s bars come with an assay card, while the packaging itself indicates the bar’s minimum weight, purity, and certificate number. Additionally, all Valcambi bullion products receive federal authentication before hitting the market.


Although it is a relatively small refinery, Valcambi has a sterling reputation in the industry and with investors. The company offers a solid brand name, as well as exacting quality standards and stylish designs. The company’s accreditations include the prestigious London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) Responsible Gold Certificate, an honor bestowed on refiners who source metals in a way that does not violate human rights or contribute to the financing of terrorist activity. With regard to quality, Valcambi is ISO 14001 certified. Many of the world’s largest banks, the London clearing market, and Zurich gold officials also recognize the company.

Valcambi takes enormous pride in its socially responsible corporate policies. Environmentally, the company remains committed to green operations that minimize waste, emissions, and noise pollution. It also values its employees highly and is a driving economic force in the Swiss Alps region.

Pricing and Availability

While prices will vary by product, Valcambi offers some of the lowest prices in the industry, especially in light of the quality of its products. The mint style, metal type, and market of the product will all influence price. Valcambi’s products tend to be rarer than those of other mints, but they are still readily available.

Valcambi’s dedication to quality is evident in all the bars, coins, medals, and other products that bear its name. The CombiBars are especially well-suited for investors who want flexibility and liquidity from their physical precious metals. View’s offering of Valcambi products in various styles and weights to find the perfect piece for your portfolio today.