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Many of the visitors who reach our website are existing investors who are ready to buy physical silver online. In the near future (April 2013), will be a fully fledged silver retail website, offering a wide selection of physical silver products for sale and delivery. In the meantime, we recommend that you visit our sister website,, for all your silver needs.

Buying Silver Bullion

It is no secret that investing your money can end up yielding you countless benefits in both the short and long-run. While you may be well aware that investing is a great activity to partake in if you want to build upon your wealth, knowing what to invest in or where to invest is often tricky and not so obvious. While investing in stocks and bonds can turn out to be profitable for you, many of them have just as good of a chance, if not more of a chance, of losing your initial investment over time.

If you are apprehensive about investing in the stock market there is no need to worry, because stocks are not the best or only place where you can allocate your investing funds. Precious metals, specifically silver, can be exponentially more profitable than an investment in stocks. Not only that, precious metals aren’t nearly as volatile as stocks and rarely experience severe up and down spikes that we often witness on the stock market. The purpose of this particular article is to give you a bit more insight into how you can invest in silver, where you can buy the metal, and the different types of silver available to you.

Silver as an Investment

Investing in silver is not an apparent way of investing because when people think of precious metals investing their mind immediately thinks of gold. The shiny yellow metal dominates the precious metals realm and has for some time, but what if I were to tell you that investing in silver has often yielded just as good of a return on the initial investment as gold has? This is not always true, but if you look at gold and silver charts over the course of the past 20 years or so, you will see that they more or less mirror each other. Both metals, since the early 80s, have been on a somewhat consistent climb.

Silver is a more viable investment, especially for those who are just starting an investment portfolio, because of its cost in comparison to gold. Though, keeping all things proportional, gold and silver rose by the same margins over the course of the past 10-20 years, gold’s nominal value is much higher than that of silver. This higher intrinsic value means that not every aspiring investor is able to afford gold, and even if they are, they aren’t always able to purchase what would be considered a substantial investment. Silver, on the other hand, is extremely affordable which makes it a great option for the beginning investor.

An investment in physical silver is even more attractive knowing that storing your investment does not take up too much space. You might be used to Hollywood movies that portray gold and silver investments as taking up entire rooms in a person’s house and stacked to the ceiling, but this is an over exaggeration. Realistically, unless you have millions and millions of dollars to invest, even a substantial investment in silver will not encroach the space you have available in your house, apartment, or living space.

When it comes time to actually make an investment in silver you have two options for where you can go to invest. The first is to go to a coin shop or brick and mortar dealer of precious metals. This is a fine selection but can become difficult if you do not live in a densely populated area as precious metals dealers tend to be more frequently located in larger cities and surrounding areas. The other option for the aspiring precious metals is to purchase your silver online. There are no shortage of online precious metals dealers and for this reason there are also no shortages of products for you to choose between. Investing in silver via an online precious metals dealers is easier, offers you a wider selection, and can be done without ever leaving your house and wasting the gas you would if you had to travel to a physical dealer of silver.

How to Buy Silver Online

If you have ever made an online purchase of clothing, electronics, or just about anything else, you can be rest assured that buying silver online is not too much different.

If you have never purchased anything online, no need to worry because the process is simple, safe, and straightforward. When you buy silver from an online dealer all you have to do is select your product(s), pay for it (them), and wait for it to show up at your door.

Finding a reputable, trustworthy dealer of precious metals is not difficult at all seeing as so many exist and new ones are popping up all the time.

Silver Products Available

Silver is available to be purchased as an investment in a few different forms including bars, coins, and rounds. While you can find the metal in all of these forms, some of them are better than others for investing.

Coins are typically the least viable for an investment in silver because they are produced by government mints who can manipulate the amount of coins produced in a year. If a given country’s coin is extremely popular one year, the nation’s mint can limit the number of that same coin produced a year later in order to drive the price up. Because coins are valued based on both the amount of metal in the coin and its scarcity, scarcer coins will run for a much higher price than a similar coin that is abundantly produced. This is not to say that all coins are bad for investments, but there are certain ones that undoubtedly are.

Rounds are much like coins in that they are shaped like them and often even have the same designs, but are entirely different because they do not have any legal value as currency. Rounds are great for collecting and investing because they have the design and images you will often find on coins, but they are able to be produced by a variety of privately owned mints which means they are viable for investments as well. If one mint decides to stop producing or produce less of a certain round, instead of its value rising rapidly like you see with coins, another mint will simply step in and fill the production void left by the original mint.

Bars are the last type of widely available silver product. Silver bars, like coins and rounds, come in a variety of sizes. These bars are produced by private mints and can be found in abundance both online and in brick and mortar stores.