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Platinum Bullion

Platinum bullion can be bought in bar and coin form in gram and troy ounce weights. Our platinum bullion is .9995 pure and in new condition.

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Platinum Bullion at

Looking to expand your investment portfolio to more than just silver and gold? One good option is to invest in platinum bullion. Before 2000, platinum hovered around $400 per oz, by March of 2008 platinum had reached an all-time high of nearly $2,300. While nowadays it fluctuates around $1,000 it remains one of the more popular precious metals on the market. Learn more about platinum bullion at, right here.

Platinum Coins

With the increase in popularity of platinum, many mints have embraced platinum coin programs. Some of the most popular that you’ll find at are the following:

  • American Eagle: This popular series was introduced in 1997. Coins in this series are available in BU and proof strikes and have been issued annually ever since they debuted.
  • Australian Kangaroo: This series debuted in 2018 and is an extension to the overall Kangaroo Series. This coin program shows the same design elements as the Silver Australian Kangaroo.
  • Austrian Philharmonic: This series was introduced in 2016. The design on the obverse and the reverse is the same as the gold and silver philharmonic coins.
  • British Britannia: This collection debuted in 2018. These coins are available in both a 1 oz size and a 1/10 oz size. The reigning British monarch is on the obverse while Phillip Nathan’s rendition of Britannia is on the reverse.
  • Canadian Maple Leaf: Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf Coins debuted in 1988 alongside the Silver Canadian Maple Leaf. Design elements on these coins mirror other Maple Leaf coins.

Platinum Bars

Another popular option is to invest in platinum bars. Platinum bars offer more availability as they often don’t have mintage caps while offering the same purity level. Some popular platinum bar producers are the following:

  • Argor Heraeus: Argor Heraeus offers platinum bars in an array of sizes such as fractional weights. These bars are minted ingots that arrive in sealed assay cards. Identifying marks of the bar are on the obverse while a repeating pattern of the logo is on the reverse.
  • Credit Suisse: Platinum bars from Credit Suisse at offer a unique visual of Lady Liberty. These bars show the identifying marks of the bar along with a front-facing relief of the Statue of Liberty.
  • PAMP Suisse: PAMP Suisse offers platinum bars in their popular Fortuna Series. These bars are available in several unique sizes and showcase the Roman goddess of fortune on the obverse with identifying marks of the bar on the reverse.
  • Valcambi: Platinum bars from Valcambi are also extremely popular. One innovative product this mint offers is its CombiBar, which can be broken into smaller pieces. For example, the 50-gram Platinum CombiBar is a 50-gram bar that can be broken off into 50 one-gram pieces.

Investing in Platinum Bullion at

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