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Copper bullion is a relatively new form of base metal investment, and we are proud to offer copper bars, rounds, and replica bullet pieces.

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Copper Bullion at

Copper bullion is an affordable and easy way to invest in precious metals. While copper has experienced substantial growth over the years, the metal remains exceptionally cheat, relative to gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. Furthermore, many copper bullion products use popular imagery used before on popular coins, adding to its appeal. Learn more about copper bullion right here, at

Copper Rounds

Copper rounds have the appearance of a copper coin but lack any face value. Many copper rounds feature unique imagery and designs, whereas others showcase popular imagery used on coins before. Some popular copper rounds you can find on are the following:

  • Crypto Commemorative: This series of 1 AVDP oz copper rounds showcase the logo for popular cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Monero, and Cardano. The logo is on the obverse while a common design theme for the series is on the reverse. Each round arrives in a protective plastic flip. For larger orders, tubes of 20 and boxes of 500 are also available.
  • The Lost World Collection: This series shows the image of well-known dinosaurs on the obverse with identifying marks of the round on the reverse. Each round contains 1 AVDP oz of .999 fine copper.
  • Morgan Rounds: Rounds with popular coin imagery are created by several private mints such as the Golden State Mint, Sunshine, SliverTowne, and more. These rounds feature the imagery of the popular Silver Morgan Dollar.
  • Saint Gaudens Rounds: These rounds showcase the imagery of Augustus Saint Gaudens’ popular Lady Liberty design.
  • Walking Liberty Rounds: These rounds feature the imagery of Adolph A. Weinman’s popular Walking Liberty which can still be seen on the Silver American Eagle.

Copper Bars

Copper bars are another popular way to invest in copper bullion. Copper bars will have the same, if not higher purity, of most copper rounds, while also featuring some unique designs.

There are three main types of bullion bars that you’ll find at – Minted ingots, cast bars, and hand-poured bars. Minted ingots are blanks that are put into a machine that uses thousands of pounds of force to stamp design elements into it. Cast bars are made by heating copper inside a cast, whereas poured bars are made by pouring molten copper into a mold and allowing it to cool.

  • SilverTowne Pony Bar: These cast bars are minted by SilverTowne and are also available in silver. While the reverse is blank, the obverse shows the identifying marks of the bar along with a Pony Express rider. Each bar is made with .999 fine copper.
  • Germania Mint Bars: These cast bars come from the Germania Mint. These bars have an extremely high purity of .9999 copper. They have identifying marks of the bar on the obverse. While the reverse is blank, it also has a hologram sticker.
  • Elemental Bars: These bars are available in several unique shapes and sizes. These bars show the identifying marks along with the periodic table of elements square for copper on the obverse.

Copper Bullets

Another unique option is copper bullets. These bullets are replicas of real-life ammunition rounds such as the 12-gauge shotgun round, and the AR-15 round. These bullets are made from .999 copper and are available in several sizes ranging from 1 AVDP oz to 1 kilogram (35.2739 AVDP oz).

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