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33mm CoinSafe Coin Tubes


16mm Air-Tite Coin Holders Direct Fit

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27mm Air-Tite Coin Holders Direct Fit

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32mm Air-Tite Coin Holders Direct Fit

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39mm Air-Tite Coin Holder Direct Fit

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40.6mm Air-Tite Coin Holders Direct Fit

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41mm CoinSafe Coin Tubes


22mm Air-Tite Coin Holders Direct Fit

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38mm Dollar CoinSafe Coin Tubes

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White Cotton Gloves (Medium Pair)

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20mm Air-Tite Coin Holders with Gasket

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25mm Air-Tite Coin Holders with Gasket

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1 oz CoinSafe Silver Bar Tubes

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There are a lot of factors that go into the value of precious metal coins and rounds. Aside from the inherent value of the silver, gold, platinum, or copper contained within the product, there is the condition and rarity of the coin to consider. When it comes to precious metals, investing thousands of dollars on bullion and proof products is wasted money if you don’t have the right accessories to ensure your products don’t lose value over time. Whether you have bullion rounds, proof coins, or gold and silver bars, has the accessories you need to keep your precious metals safe.

Why Purchase Accessories for Your Precious Metals?

Did you know that something as simple as handling your coins, rounds, and bars with your bare hands can result in damage and loss of value in your products? The oils that occur naturally in human skin can result in damage to your coin. Not only does the oil from skin risk leaving smudges on the surface of your coins, but it can also deteriorate the brilliant finish of some proof coins with deeply-mirrored surfaces.

Air-Tite coin holders, Air-Tite coin tubes, and silver bar tubes provide a clear, protective case for your precious metal products. You can still enjoy all the visual brilliance of your favorite precious metals, without risking damage from human skin, or contact marks, scratches, and scuffs from handling.

Air-Tite Coin Holders on

All Air-Tite coin holders are manufactured in the United States using sturdy, crystal-clear acrylic. PVC is no longer used in the production of coin holders because it is an abrasive material that can scratch or otherwise damage the very products that are supposed to be protected within the casing. Air-Tite coin holders are available in a variety of sizes to fit all of the most popular precious metal coins and rounds produced today. currently has the following sizes available in Air-Tite coin holders:

  • 16 MM
  • 20 MM
  • 25 MM
  • 27 MM
  • 32 MM
  • 39 MM
  • 40.6 MM

In order to purchase the right coin holder for your favorite coins, all you’ll need to know is the diameter of the product. Please refer to our product listings to learn more about these individual coin holders, and figure out which popular bullion and proof series coins are ideal for use with each Air-Tite coin holder size. You’ll find the right protective case for your Silver American Eagles, Gold American Eagles, Platinum American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leaf coins, Gold and Silver British Britannias, and numerous silver products from the Perth Mint in Australia.

A quick note, Air-Tite coin holders are available in two different designs. The Direct Fit coin holders are meant to fit precisely with specific coins. The casing of the Air-Tite coin holder forms a tight fit up against the rim of your coin, preventing slipping while the coin is inside the case. Air-Tite coin holders with a gasket include a flexible, rubber gasket that is placed around the rim of the coin or round before it goes into the coin holder, providing an extra buffer against contact.

Air-Tite Coin Tubes on

For those who make bulk purchases of precious metal coins and rounds, Air-Tite coin tubes are the perfect solution for storing your favorite coins. Each Air-Tite coin tube is manufactured to the same standards, using the same materials, as the individual Air-Tite coin holders. Individual tubes are capable of holding up to 20 of your favorite bullion and proof products, with each capable of fitting inside the tube within its individual coin holder. currently offers Air-Tite coin tubes in the following sizes:

  • 33 MM
  • 38 MM
  • 39 MM
  • 40.6 MM

Each tube consists of a non-yellowing agent and forms a tight seal when closed, preventing deterioration of your favorite coins due to humidity. These Air-Tite coin tubes can hold your favorite coins, such as those struck by the United States Mint, Royal Canadian Mint, Royal Mint, and Australia’s Perth.

Silver Bar Tubes

You might not think much about protecting the condition of your silver bars, but silver bar tubes are available which help you ensure the safety and condition of your silver bullion bars as well. Each individual slip holds a single 1 oz silver bar, and fits perfectly with popular products such as the PAMP Suisse Fortuna 1 oz Bar, Credit Suisse 1 oz Bar, and the Perth Mint 1 oz Bar.

If you have any questions about accessories available from, please reach out to one of our associates. We can field your questions on the phone at 888-989-7223, online through our website’s live chat feature, and via email.