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Johnson Matthey Gold Bars

10 oz Johnson Matthey Gold Bars

10 oz Johnson Matthey Gold Bar

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Johnson Matthey Gold Bullion

The name Johnson Matthey has become synonymous with quality gold and silver products. Johnson Matthey is one of the more well-known fabricators of precious metals and has been in business for nearly 200 years. They began their business back in 1817 as a small-time London gold assayer and eventually the company grew to become the official assayer and refiner for the Bank of England. They later moved on to refine not only gold and silver, but also other metals like platinum, palladium and even iridium.

Although the company has a big precious metals refining business, they are also involved in other areas of industry such as chemical and pharmaceuticals, nitric acid manufacture and fuel cells. Johnson Matthey gold and silver refineries today are located in Salt Lake City, Utah and Brampton, Ontario. This fabricator processes high grade precious metals in the form of primary ore from mining, industrial scrap from manufacturers, recycled jewelry and material collected from financial institutions.

Types of JM Gold Bars

Johnson Matthey produces various sizes of gold bars, some of the most popular being 1, 10 and 100 ounce bars. Gold bars produced by Johnson Matthey are often .9999 percent fine, making them some of the purest on the market. One design aspect which is often admired by investors is the fact that they are almost always made with simplicity in mind, and have a rectangular shape designed for easy stacking. This makes them a potentially good choice for those looking to accumulate a large amount of gold over time. All of their bullion is also marked with the bar’s weight, purity and the JM stamp.

The company uses both machine-presses, as well as pouring techniques to make their bars. Their poured gold bullion bars contain a more natural appearance while the pressed bars appear brand new with a shiny finish. Most all of their gold bars are approved for a precious metal IRA account, as well, and due to brand recognition, they are also very liquid. The name Johnson Matthey carries with it a sense of trust and comfort when buying gold bars.

Gold Bar Pricing

Johnson Matthey gold bars carry a very reasonable premium over the spot gold price. The fact that their bars are reasonably priced adds to their demand and popularity. They are a favorite among investors for their simplicity and value. Their name carries with it a strong reputation for quality and craftsmanship and their gold bar selections are no exception. Currently, a Johnson Matthey 10 ounce gold bar runs approximately $21 less than a similar Credit Suisse gold bar. When you pay a smaller premium over the gold spot price, you are getting more value for your dollar in the process.

Collectible Bars

Johnson Matthey is one of the more recognized names when it comes to precious metals because of its rich history. The company has been producing bullion products for a very long time and has established itself as leader when it comes to quality, history and reputation. While Johnson Matthey only deals in bars nowadays, the company did also produce bullion rounds in the past. These bullion rounds are somewhat rare and may at times be found at various precious metals dealers.

As far as gold bars are concerned, older bars may have some more collectable value than newer bars. All in all, however, Johnson Matthey gold bars are well-recognized and very liquid. These bars are not typically bought for collection purposes, but rather for investors who are looking to accumulate gold bars in a simple and cost efficient manner.


The Johnson Matthey brand has a long and rich history of expertise, quality craftsmanship and service. This company prides itself on producing high quality products and it shows in their work. They are also involved in many other areas of industry, and appear to be trying to improve lives by making quality products and working to improve issues such as emissions control and being a leader in sustainable technologies.