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Divisible Gold Bars

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Divisible / Combi Gold Bars

Divisible gold bars give people the opportunity to sell and buy gold bullion in smaller increments. This is a great option for those who want to purchase gold, but would prefer more liquidity than can be offered by full bars. Because full ounce bars are so compact and cannot be broken apart, this means that when you want to sell, you would have to liquidate the full amount as opposed to just breaking off a piece or two as needed. These types of bars are becoming a popular option to many investors and are currently available in a several sizes.

Who Produces Divisible Gold Bars?

Several companies produce and sell divisible gold bars. Two of the most popular producers include PAMP Suisse and Valcambi. Both companies are based in Switzerland and produce 99.99% gold bars.

PAMP is an independent producer of precious metals owned by MKS, a Suisse financial company. PAMP began operations in 1977. The company makes a variety of coins and bars for governments and collectors. It operates a commemorative coin and medal program that lets major clients purchase custom mint products.

Valcambi started working with precious metals in 1961 under the name Valori & Cambi. Credit Suisse owned the company for several years before selling it to European Gold Refineries. Among other offerings, Valcambi continues to manufacture innovative products like divisible gold bars.

Divisible Gold Bar Designs

Manufacturers make divisible gold bars so owners can break them into smaller pieces without using any specialized equipment. For instance, an owner can usually break the bar in half with minimal effort. Producers make divisible gold bars in a similar way that confectioners make divisible chocolate bars. Each section is surrounded by a depressed area that is thin enough to break with bare hands.

50 Gram Valcambi Gold CombiBar (New w/ Assay)PAMP and Valcambi both include security features on each divisible gram of their bars. The 50 gram Gold CombiBars, for instance, have two letters and six numbers stamped into the metal. This identifies each piece of the divisible gold bar, allowing buyers and sellers to know these pieces are authentic. Divisible gold bars from both companies are 99.99 percent pure gold.

Why Many Investors and Collectors Like Divisible Gold Bars

Divisible gold bars do more than just help people purchase gold at affordable rates. It also gives them a chance to sell small amounts of gold at practically any time. The advantage is that the owner doesn’t have to sell a full bar. He or she can simply break off a few grams.

Investors often appreciate divisible gold bars because they want more financial flexibility. As the value of gold fluctuates, investors can decide to sell a few grams of gold while keeping the rest intact. They can use this money to fund future investments or spend it as they see fit. Regardless, they still have the rest of the gold bar to keep.

Collectors often have different reasons for liking divisible gold bars. Some experienced collectors think the divisible bars are an interesting novelty. Others see the value in having the option to break gold into smaller pieces in the same way that an American consumer would the option to “break” a $100 bill into smaller denominations.

Individual grams of gold also make excellent gifts. By purchasing full bars, buyers often get better prices than if they purchased smaller amounts. The owner can then break the bar into separate pieces and distribute them as gifts.

Divisible Gold Bar Sizes and Variations

Divisible gold often comes in 25 grams and 50 grams, as well as 1 oz bars. Two of the most popular options available are the 50 Gram Gold CombiBar and the 25 Gram PAMP Suisse Divisible Gold Bar. Each option is easily divided into individual 1 gram bars.

Divisible Gold Bar Availability

Divisible gold bars have become popular options for people just getting interested in buying gold. The bars are widely available. often has 25 gram and 50 gram options in stock. Buyers can expect items in stock to ship within three business days of their purchases. Actual delivery time depends on several factors, such as when you place the order and where you want the gold bars sent.

Divisible Gold Bar Pricing

Since the value of gold changes over time, prices for divisible gold bars often change. Generally, though, buyers can expect to spend similar over-spot premiums as they would on other gold bullion bars.

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