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OPM Silver Bars

OPM Silver Bars

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OPM Silver Bullion Bars

OPM Metals stands apart from other refineries, with environmentally friendly methods that leave a light footprint on the earth. Investors who want a profile that’s healthy and green can diversify easily with high quality OPM Metals silver bars.

Ohio Precious Metals, LLC, also known as OPM or OPM Metals, entered the metals industry in 1974. This business, like so many other successful enterprises, began in a garage. The early company refiners performed the simple activity of reclaiming precious metals stripped from telephone equipment. From 1974 to 2003, the company changed ownership and names several times before settling on its current title.

A 2003 expansion made this company the largest good delivery refinery that could boast of being “All American.” While other overseas refineries have extensions in the United States, this is the only one to exist solely within the US. OPM is known for producing gold and silver bullion.

About Ohio Precious Metals

The OPM refinery produces ingots and rounds in both gold and silver. This mint is unique in that it strives for innovative processes in both refining and recycling. Its unique Miller Chlorination plant replaces much of the preexisting Aqua Regia gold refining circuit. This revolutionary company is continuously striving to invent greener production methods that will minimize the refinery’s impact on the environment.

OPM is a pioneer in the area of recycled bullion. The company has developed and branded a line of recycled bullion products that is featured in many US jewelry lines as an eco-friendly alternative to the metal sourced from most foreign competitors.

Sizes and Types of Bars Offered

OPM silver bars are available in 1 ounce, 10 ounce, 1 kilogram, and 100 ounce weights. The OPM refinery is capable of refining scrap metals to 99.9 percent pure silver. Impure metals are meticulously upgraded through various processes to achieve a high-quality finished product. The silver bars minted by OPM Metals are .999+ fine silver.

All OPM Metals silver bars feature the company’s simple signature design. The OPM logo and “OPM Metals” name are stamped on the front  of the bar. Additional information is included beneath the company name, including the bar’s weight in troy ounces and the silver quality. The “U.S.A.” feature makes it clear that this silver bar was minted in America.

The back of OPM Metals silver bars features the OPM logo in a repeating pattern. This simple image gives the silver bar a stunning texture that’s popular among collectors. Supreme craftsmanship is evident in every bar.

While the 1 ounce and 10 ounce bars feature a brilliant shine, the larger 1 kilogram and 100 ounce weights have more of a matte finish. Both options offer an elegant and sophisticated appearance. These beautifully designed silver bars make wonderful gifts for anyone who wants to introduce the recipient to the world of precious metal investing.

Appeal To Investors

Silver bars are a popular investment for many reasons. Silver bars have a smaller premium than coins. Coins are often marked up significantly because the buyer is purchasing a distinct design in addition to the silver bullion. Silver bars, however, sell for only slightly more than the value of the silver contained in them.

Silver is a versatile investment that has value in every country of the world. A well-rounded portfolio should contain many different types of investments. Precious metals are just one investment option, but they are an important piece of the puzzle for anyone who wants to diversify.

Investors favor OPM Metals silver bars because these products come from a trusted name that has been known for quality for decades. OPM products are also more environmentally friendly than other metals. This distinct edge sets OPM apart from competitors in a very unique way. The simplistic design of these bars is another selling point for investors. The stamping is elegant, yet understated. OPM Metals silver bars are an excellent value.

Mint Packaging

New OPM Metals silver bars come in sealed plastic packaging. This protects the bar from oxidation and damage. Bars are available for individual purchase, or in sheets of ten. Bars that are not purchased new may lack the mint sealed packaging that keeps them pristine. Despite the aesthetic differences, however, bars that are not in plastic packaging are just as valuable as those that are.

These smooth rectangular bars are easily stacked for convenient storage. Your OPM Metals silver bars will fit neatly into a home safe or bank deposit box for safekeeping. Investors who want to diversify safely will find the high quality silver bars from OPM Metals a worthwhile choice.