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Scottsdale Silver Rounds

Demand for precious metal coins and bars is at an all-time high in the 21st century. As sovereign mints and private facilities across the globe strike bullion coins and bars, a lot of investors and collectors find themselves priced out of the market. An increasingly popular alternative is available in the form of silver rounds. Some of the most popular silver rounds today come from private mints, many located in the United States, and feature coin designs previously used on circulation currency.

The Scottsdale Mint is one of those private American mints churning out a variety of investment-grade silver rounds that feature a minimum of .999 fine silver. While other mints focus intently on recreating historic designs, Scottsdale focuses on providing investors with a strong investment-grade bullion option. Their designs often feature the mint logo, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t make an excellent addition to a numismatists personal collection as well. is proud to carry a variety of silver rounds for investors and collectors to choose from, including those made available by the Scottsdale Mint. Below is an overview of the popular options from the Scottsdale Mint.

Silver Scottsdale Mint Stacker Round

The Scottsdale Mint offers a truly unique and one-of-a-kind silver round series that features the mint’s own brand logo and ingenuity. The Silver Scottsdale Mint Stacker Round is an immensely popular and versatile round program that has been turning heads already in the numismatic world. Features of the series include:

  • Three available weights: 100 Grams, 2 Troy ounces, and 5 Troy ounces.
  • Each contains .999 fine silver.
  • Obverse of all features a 3D design of the Scottsdale Mint lion’s head logo.
  • Reverse bears the same design, but with a concave striking.
  • Stackable rounds share the same dimensions, with the exception of thickness.

These stacker silver rounds from the Scottsdale Mint are one-of-a-kind because of the contrasting convex and concave striking of the two sides. As mentioned above, although there are three different weights, all three coins share the same dimensions. This is important because it means that you could purchase one of each weight and still stack them together.

The only difference in the dimensions of the rounds is the thickness, with the 5 oz round offering the greatest depth. The contrasting convex obverse design and concave revere design of the mint’s lion-head logo allows the rounds to easily stack within each other as the obverse lion head of one round fits within the reverse lion head of another. Additionally, the rounds have interlocking radial lines that allow you to safely stack the rounds together with firm grip.

On the obverse of each is the 3D lion-head design, along with visible radial lines that form the interlocking bond when stacked. The reverse of each Scottsdale Mint Silver Stacker Round features the concave design of the lion head, with engravings that identify the mint, weight, purity, and metal content of each round, as well as the “Stacker Round” series name.

Packaging of Silver Scottsdale Mint Rounds

The Silver Stacker Round from the Scottsdale Mint is available in different packaging depending on the particular weight you purchase. While all individual Silver Stacker Rounds ship to you in a plastic bag, tubes for bulk purchases contain different amounts depending upon the weight of the specific rounds you are buying.

The 2 Troy ounce silver rounds ship in plastic tubes in multiples of 10. For the 100 Gram Silver Stacker Rounds, a tube shipment consists of seven rounds per tube. Finally, the 5 Troy Ounce Silver Scottsdale Stacker Round is available for bulk shipment in plastic tubes containing five rounds per tube.

Facts on the Scottsdale Mint

The Scottsdale Mint is a US-based company located in the city of Scottsdale, Arizona. The company manufactures gold and silver bullion products, including coins, rounds, and bars. It does not produce coins for the United States, as that is the exclusive domain of the United States Mint, but it does strike coins for foreign governments.

Scottsdale Mint is an ISO 9001-2008 certified company, and many of its hallmarked products are available for use in Precious Metal IRA accounts. Most importantly in the modern era, Scottsdale Mint is committed to environmentally responsible sourcing of its bullion. In particular, a portion of its silver bullion is sourced as recycled material from the photographic and manufacturing industries.

With so many mints around the globe producing silver and gold in bullion coin programs, bars, and rounds, what makes a silver round such a popular choice right now?

The Case for Silver Rounds

If you’re looking for a reliable silver precious metal to purchase, you should give serious consideration to the Silver Scottsdale Mint Stacker Round. There are a number of reasons to consider investing in silver rounds rather than popular gold or silver bullion coins. Specifically, there are three reasons you should consider investing your hard-earned cash in silver rounds instead of other coin options:

  • Availability of products
  • Ease of trade
  • Affordable pricing

Availability is always a limiting factor with most of the popular silver bullion coins in the world. While the American Silver Eagle is a notable exception, which the United States Mint striking those coins to meet demand, the vast majority of other programs have strict caps on the mintage in any given year. Aside from the American Silver Eagle, 1 oz Silver Rounds are the easiest silver products to find on the market.

Silver rounds are also easier to trade in many cases. Because so many individuals are turning to rounds, the availability is also met at times with shortages. This means that many dealers, though not all, will readily by them back from you with no/low transaction fees because they can turn them around quickly and sell them to someone else.

Beyond availability and ease of trade, the biggest benefit of purchasing 1 oz Silver Rounds is the price. While bullion coins from sovereign mints come with higher premiums, the price you pay a coin dealer over the spot price of silver, silver rounds are currently the least expensive form of physical silver to invest in.

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