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Monarch Silver Hand-Poured Bars

One click glance through the online catalogs of mints, refineries, and authorized dealers around the globe and you are sure to see a wide selection of precious metal coins, rounds, and bars with similar designs. When it comes to precious metal bars, the vast majority of refineries produce minted ingots with highly refined designs and rectangular shapes, many with acute edges and sharp angles. Monarch Precious Metals is out to capture your attention by taking precious metal production back to a bygone era. is proud to offer many of its most popular products on its site for investors and collectors.

Introduction to Monarch Precious Metals

While other mints and refineries focus on high-tech, state-of-the-art design and engraving facilities, Monarch Precious Metals is combining state-of-the-art refining to obtain .999 (or greater) pure silver and gold to use in its unique, hand-poured bars. While MPM does sell commemorative world coins from other facilities, it is the rounds and bars produced in house that attract the attention of investors and collectors the most.

All of the Monarch Precious Metal gold and silver bars are produced by hand pouring the metal into special die casts. Once bars have been formed through hand pouring, the professionals at Monarch use traditional stamping and etching techniques to render the markings and designs on the surface of all products. The end result is a variety of products that have a rustic look that stands in stark contrast to the average product available today.

Monarch Precious Metals is located in southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley. The refinery was established in 2008, and was one of the first facilities opened as a direct result of the rising demand for gold and silver precious metal products in the midst of the Great Recession.

Popular Monarch Precious Metals Products

Many of the products made by MPM are unlike any other you’ll find at a sovereign mint or private refinery. All MPM bars feature rough, rounded edges, matte finishes, and stamped markings. The refinery produces gold and silver bars in a variety of sizes and shapes, with the most common range running from as small as 1 oz and 1.6 oz up to 1 kilogram, 50 oz, and 100 oz.

The design of most MPM bars follows a standard motif, with changes made to the orientation and location of engravings and designs based upon the size of the bar and subsequent surface space to work with. The common design motif on most bars includes the Monarch Precious Metals logo, a crown formed by the combination of the letters “MPM,” with the words “Monarch Precious Metals” featured around the logo.

Beyond that logo, most bars are simplistic in nature. Markings for the bars weight, metal content, and purity are engraved, along with an individual serial number for most bars. There are, however, a handful of products from Monarch Precious Metals that stand out from the crowd. Each of those unique products is proudly carried by and available to you for purchase at this time.

Unique MPM Products on offers a variety of standard and unique products from Monarch Precious Metals. Among the standard offerings are the refinery’s 1 oz, 3 oz, 5 oz, 10 oz, and 25 oz hand-poured silver bars. Each of these bars features a guaranteed weight of .999 fine silver, and all were produced using MPM’s traditional techniques.

The smallest of the bars mentioned above, the 1 oz Poured Bar has markings arranged horizontally across the bar. The MPM logo and corporate name are arranged side by side, rather than having the name surrounding the logo. The 3 oz and 5 oz bars are rectangular, with markings arranged vertically and the MPM logo and name arranged traditionally.

The 10 oz and 25 oz Poured Silver Bars have a rustic look reminiscent of silver bars one would expect to see in a Hollywood heist movie. The large bars have the traditional markings, including the MPM logo and corporate name, as well as the weight, purity, and metal content arranged horizontally across the bar.

Among the more unique products from Monarch Precious Metals are the 50 Gram Poured Silver Bar and 2 oz Poured Silver Bar. The 50 Gram Bar has a square shape, and all of the markings are stamped in a circular pattern to fit within the confines of a smaller surface. The 2 oz Poured Silver Bar has markings arranged like the 3 oz and 5 oz bars, but features a tombstone appearance. Rather than a complete rectangle, the bar’s squared bottom is complimented by a half-circle top edge.

Two of the newest MPM products, the 3 oz Monarch Skull Silver Bar and 38 Gram Monarch Silver Revolver, are currently available on The 3 oz Monarch Skull Bar was created by pouring silver into a 3D die cast of a human skull. The image is complete with hollow eye and nose sockets, as well as a frightful grin. The back surface of the bar is flat and bears the MPM logo, weight, purity, and metal content of the bar, as well as an individual serial number.

The 38 Gram Monarch Silver Revolver Bar is shaped like a 38 Caliber Revolver, with a distinct barrel, nose sight, trigger, revolving chamber, and handle visible in the design. The backside of the bar has the markings of the bar’s weight, purity, and metal content, as well as “38 Caliber Revolver” on the handle of the bar.

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