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Gram and Kilo Silver Bullion Bars

Silver bullion is a popular choice for investors who want to add precious metals to their portfolios. Silver bars come in many different sizes, typically ranging from small five gram bars, to massive pieces of up to five kilos. With such a vast range of options to choose from, it’s important to consider the benefits and drawbacks of each option, so you can make the best choice for your personal portfolio.

Grams and kilos refer to the weight of silver bars. Silver bullion bars are commonly used as a stable investment option. Silver is recognized as a valuable metal around the globe, so its value is not limited to the United States. Silver bullion bars are an industrial product that should be viewed as a trading medium, though buyers cannot barter with silver bullion today as they did in the past.

Why Investors Prefer These Sizes

Investors appreciate the liquidity and versatility of silver bullion bars. The wide range of weights available in gram/kilo sized silver bars provides an option for nearly anyone, whether they want to fill their personal safe, or simply purchase something interesting. Gram/kilo sized bars are on the smaller end of the spectrum, as silver bullion bars go. However, you can make a substantial investment in these weights simply by increasing the quantity in your purchase.

The Convenience of Size

The largest gram/kilo sized silver bar that’s readily available is the five kilo bar, which is the equivalent of 5,000 grams. This bar typically measures either 245 mm long, 76 mm wide, and 30 mm deep, or 163 mm long, 70 mm wide, and 50 mm deep. To put this into more recognizable terms, 245 mm is less than 10 inches. This means that even the largest silver bar available in gram/kilo sizes is no longer than a foot.

The appeal of these silver bars is that they’re easily stored in the home. You don’t need a vault or even a bank deposit box to keep small gram/kilo size silver bars. The smaller weights are usually extremely affordable, making them an easy choice for introducing children to the concept of investing in silver bullion.

Commonly Available Sizes and Purities

The smallest bar that’s available from most mints is a 5 gram bar. These bars usually measure about 22 mm long, 13 mm wide, and just 1.5 mm thick. Because they’re so small, it’s not uncommon to order them in large quantities. For example, some Geiger silver bars come in sealed plastic sheets when ordered in increments of 30, or wooden boxes in increments of 300.

Other common weights include 10 grams, 20 grams, 50 grams, and 100 grams. Larger weights may come with an assay for security and authentication purposes. For example, the PAMP Suisse 50 gram silver bar includes an assay card in its individual plastic packaging. A 250 gram bar may also be referred to as a quarter kilo. A half kilo bar is 500 grams. One kilo is equal to 1,000 grams, and a 5 kilo bar is 5,000 grams.

Nearly all silver bullion bars are 99.9 percent pure silver, but it is not uncommon for some to be available in purities of 99.99 percent. Those produced by reliable mints will certainly hold up to this standard of quality.


Gram/Kilo size silver bars are minted around the world. Some of the best-known producers include PAMP Suisse and Valcambi, both headquartered in Switzerland. The Geiger Edelmetalle mint is another popular producer, founded in Germany.

Gram and Kilogram sized bars are readily available in their various weights. You can add this investment to your portfolio at nearly any time. The price of silver can fluctuate, so it’s worth watching the market to make sure you get the best possible deal.

The Condition of Available Bars

The smallest weights are typically machine pressed. This is the most common condition for bars weighing between 5 and 100 grams. Some 50 and 100 gram bars are cast or “poured.” Generally speaking most larger sized bars are machine pressed, as well, with sharp edges and a brand new appearance.

Silver bars are an excellent investment for anyone who wants to own a physical asset instead of an abstract one. While you can round out your portfolio with stocks, bonds, and other options, no investment portfolio is completely diversified without precious metals. Silver bullion bars have a lower premium than silver coins, making them one of the most affordable options for buyers who want to benefit from the value of a timeless option like silver bullion bars. Be sure to browse for a wide selection of Gram and Kilo sizes silver bars which are priced to sell.