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Monarch Precious Metals

One click glance through the online catalogs of mints, refineries, and authorized dealers around the globe and you are sure to see a wide selection of precious metal coins, rounds, and bars with similar designs. When it comes to precious metal bars, the vast majority of refineries produce minted ingots with highly refined designs and rectangular shapes, many with acute edges and sharp angles. Monarch Precious Metals is out to capture your attention by taking precious metal production back to a bygone era. is proud to offer many of its most popular products on its site for investors and collectors.

Monarch Precious Metals has an ever-expanding portfolio of gold and silver products available, with new products and lineups added on a regular basis. The following paragraphs will walk you through some of the major product lines from MPM, as well as offering insight into the company’s background and ordering instructions for your Monarch Precious Metals selections.

All-New Silver Stacker Bars from MPM

Prior to 2016, Monarch Precious Metals produced silver bars in the traditional loaf bar shape and style. These bars are aimed primarily at investors interested in the metal content and production standards of the bar, and not the fancy designs that may or may not be on the obverse and reverse faces.

However, in recent years mints and refineries around the globe have responded to investor demands for products that stack and store more easily. The result is a variety of products offered around the world that are known as stacker bars. Specific designs vary from one mint to the next, but all have the common feature of flat surfaces and sharp, defined edges that allow for sturdy, easy stacking of the bars.

As of early 2016, investors can expect to see these stacker bars replace the production of loaf bars of the same weight as the refinery adjusts production to meet the demands of investors who prefer easily stacked and stored bars. Each one is still hand-poured and hand-stamped with a minimal .999 pure silver.

Currently, the following are a few examples of the Silver Stacker Bars available from Monarch Precious Metals in the new series. These bars include the following:

  • 3 oz Monarch Silver Stacker: On the primary face of the bar is the corporate logo for Monarch Precious Metals, a crown with the letter P rising from the center. The full name of the refinery is included, along with the metal content, weight, and purity of the bar.
  • 10 oz Monarch Silver Stacker: On the obverse face of the bar you’ll find all of the engravings it carries. At the top is the weight of the bar, marked as “10 Troy Ounces.” Below that is the Monarch Precious Metals logo, which consists of a crown formed by the letters “MPM.” Additionally, “Monarch Precious” is engraved in a half-moon shape above that, with “Metals” stamped below. The bar’s purity and metal content are also featured on this side.

MPM continues to expand this program as it phases out the production of its traditional loaf bars. The mint has moved in recent months to add a 25 oz, 1 Kilogram (32.15 oz), 50 oz, and 100 oz bar to the Silver Stacker lineup.

Traditional loaf bars from Monarch are still available in the catalogs, but the mint itself is no longer actively producing this bar type as it transitions its focus away from the loaf design and toward the new, preferred stacker bars. One thing isn’t changing though, Monarch will continue to offer its traditionally shaped One and Two Troy ounce silver bars for sales.

Hand Poured Bars from MPM

Among the offerings from Monarch in this category at the moment are the 1 oz Monarch Hand-Poured Silver Bar, the 50 Gram Monarch Hand-Poured Silver Bar, and the 2 oz Monarch Hand-Poured Silver Bars. Each one of these bars has a different shape than the next. The 1 oz features a standard rectangular shape, while the 50 Gram (1.6 Troy oz) bar is square and the 2 oz bar has a tombstone shape.

These original offerings from the mint feature common design elements that are shared by almost every bar produced at Monarch. Each one has a minimum fineness of .999 pure silver, hand-poured form, and hand-stamped engravings. Details on the individual bars are as follows:

  • 1 oz Monarch Silver Bar: On the primary face of these silver bars is the Monarch Precious Metals corporate logo, along with the weight, purity, and metal content of the bar, as well as the full company name. The logo for MPM is, appropriately, a crown with the letter P rising from the middle of the design.
  • 50 Gram Monarch Silver Bar: The primary face of the 50 Gram Monarch Poured Silver Bar are the engravings that identify the bar. Unlike larger bars from MPM, the 50 Gram bar is smaller and square in shape. All engravings are centered on the corporate logo for Monarch, a crown with a P rising from the center with visible M’s on either side. Encircling the logo is the refinery’s full name. The weight, metal content, and purity are engraved around that inner circle.
  • 2 oz Monarch Silver Bar: Featured on the primary face of the 2 oz Monarch Poured Silver Bar are engravings that include the bars purity, metal content, and weight. The Monarch corporate logo is stamped along the top of the bar. The logo, a crown crafted out of the letters “MPM,” is surrounded by the words “Monarch Precious” in an arch above the logo and the word “Metals” below.

New Viking Silver Bars from MPM

Borrowing on the design concepts of the new Silver Stacker Bars, Monarch released the first designs in a series of Silver Viking Bars. Each of the bars has the same flat surface and rectangular shape of the Silver Stacker line of bars, and includes .999 pure silver in its production.

To date, there are two designs that have been released in the series. Each one features a different image of a Viking warrior, and bears some of the new hallmarks of Monarch Precious Metals silver bar production, such as flat, stackable forms. Details on the two designs available include:

  • 5 oz Monarch Viking Ax Silver Bar: The first release in the series, on the obverse of these Viking Silver Bars you’ll find the image of an imposing Viking warrior carrying a large, double-headed battle ax. Below the warrior you’ll find the Monarch crown logo as a mint mark, along with markings of the bar’s weight, purity, and metal content. The reverse face of the bar features no engravings, and the overall appearance of the bar’s background reflects a rough, matte finish.
  • 5 oz Monarch Viking Flail and Shield Viking Silver Bar: On the second design released in the series you’ll find the image of a Viking warrior, holding his shield in one hand to protect his body and swinging his flail above his head in preparation to strike. There were numerous variations on the flail used in battle, but most featured a ball on a chain at the end of a stick which had several deadly spikes on it. Additional features on this face of the 5 oz Monarch Flail and Shield Viking Silver Bar include engravings that identify the bar’s weight, purity, and metal content. You’ll also find the recognizable crown logo of Monarch Precious Metals.

New and Exciting Silver Rounds from MPM

Monarch Precious Metals is increasingly producing a variety of silver rounds for purchase as well. Among those available from JM Bullion are the 3D Domed sports-themed silver rounds and the ½ oz Egyptian Rounds. Information on both series is available below:

  • ½ oz Silver Egyptian Rounds: These ½ oz Silver Monarch Egyptian Rounds from Monarch Precious Metals are truly unique. All of Monarch’s silver and gold bars are hand-poured and hand-stamped for a rustic, one-of-a-kind appeal. That same concept has been applied to these rounds. Each obverse and reverse design set has been purposely hand-stamped slightly off center, giving each round its own individual appeal. The obverse of each of these silver rounds features the left-profile image of an Egyptian mummy, along with a variety of sample Egyptian hieroglyphics that add to the overall imagery of the silver round. On the reverse of the ½ oz Silver Monarch Egyptian Round you’ll find the central image bearing depictions of the scarab beetle and the Eye of Horus. Known as the Scarabaeus sacer, the scarab beetle is a species of dung beetle that was worshiped by Ancient Egyptians as a symbol of Khepri, the early morning manifestation of the sun god Ra.
  • 2016 3D Domed Basketball Round: These are the first domed rounds from Monarch, and feature the most detailed finishing features on a Monarch product. Each of these 2016 1 oz Silver Monarch Domed Basketball Rounds has a vertical height in the 3D round of .25 inches. On the obverse of the round is the convex field which mimics the appearance of a basketball. The panels of the ball have a frosted finish, while the seam lines have a mirrored finish. There are no engravings on this face. The reverse of the round has a concave field, and provides the visual of a basketball rim, backboard, and ball. You’ll notice engravings on this face of the weight, metal content, and purity of the round.
  • 2016 3D Domed Soccer Ball Round: The second release of 3D Domed rounds from MPM, this product again features contrasting convex-concave surfaces on either side, with one depicting just the soccer ball and the other featuring an image of the sport in action. On the obverse of each round you’ll find design features the mimic the appearance of an actual soccer ball, with traditional patchwork finishes and a 3D domed design. The reverse of the 2016 1 oz Silver Monarch Domed Soccer Ball Round has the Monarch mint logo, and engravings of the round’s metal content, weight, and purity, as well as the image of a soccer ball as it is shot into the goal, bulging the net.

Background on Monarch Precious Metals

While other mints and refineries focus on high-tech, state-of-the-art design and engraving facilities, Monarch Precious Metals is combining state-of-the-art refining to obtain .999 (or greater) pure silver and gold to use in its unique, hand-poured bars. While MPM does sell commemorative world coins from other facilities, it is the rounds and bars produced in house that attract the attention of investors and collectors the most.

All of the Monarch Precious Metals gold and silver bars are produced by hand pouring the metal into special die casts. Once bars have been formed through hand pouring, the professionals at Monarch use traditional stamping and etching techniques to render the markings and designs on the surface of all products. The end result is a variety of products that have a rustic look that stands in stark contrast to the average product available today.

Monarch Precious Metals is located in southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley. The refinery was established in 2008, and was one of the first facilities opened as a direct result of the rising demand for gold and silver precious metal products in the midst of the Great Recession.

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